This coaching program is for couples who are having trust issues and want to resolve them in a healthy and loving way. Trust issues range from jealousy to cheating and negatively impact relationships and personal well-being.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, pressured in your current situation and
you are thorn between what you feel and what is the right thing to do, this program is for you.

Through this program you will learn how to build a healthy relationship and rekindle your love.


  • Regain trust
  • Build trust
  • Address trust issues
  • Prevent cheating
  • Deal with cheating
  • Bring clarity to your situation
  • Develop basic communication skills to create deeper understanding and connection
  • Get the reassurance that you are making the right decision going forward

Trust is the belief that your partner will remain within the boundaries of your agreement regarding a particular area of your relationship.

To uphold that trust both partners need to establish clear boundaries. In other words, partners need to discuss and agree on what is ok to do/ say. Without agreeing on specific boundaries it can be difficult and confusing to uphold the agreement while not having clarity of what you are agreeing on.

You will understand

  • Why did the trust issue happened?
  • How do you feel?
  • How does it affect your relationship right now?
  • What do you want going forward?


  • Get clarity
  • Gain reassurance
  • Express your feelings, needs, opinions, thoughts and ideas
  • Learn to hear each other out
  • Decide on a way forward that aligns with your feelings, beliefs, values and desires while maintaining love and respect for your partner.

First, we work on dealing with the negative feelings that you and your partner may have, so that you can handle the situation in a loving way.

It is common to be overwhelm when you cannot trust your partner. Particularly if cheating occurred. A a person cheated on will feel angry, resentful, struggling to forgive, suspicious, distrusting, needy, clingy, controlling, and jealous.
While the person that cheated will be apologetic, regretful, feeling guilty, and giving too much control away.

You will gain an understanding of the reasons behind the trust issues and the problems that result from them.

We will help you and your partner to:

  • Forgive each other and yourselves
  • Love each other
  • Develop relationship building activities
  • After a session you will have a little homework to do together where you will have a chance to implement what you learned during the coaching session.
  • You will also have a workbook to do with your partner to help you reflect on yourself and your situation.

During this process you will have the chance to message by email if you have any doubts or going through a crisis.

Our program will revolve around the fundamental 3 step approach

3 Step Approach (Assessment) Past, Present and Future

  1. Understanding the past. What happened, when, how and why? How it was your relationship like before and How did it affect your relationship
  2. Understanding your present (How do you feel about the situation, how does your partner feel about the situation, how what happened changed your relationship? How are your circumstances and the situation right now
  3. Understanding the future. What do you want going forward? What does each of you want for the future? Would both of you want to resolve it? Is it only one of you? Does one person want to move on?

Step 1 During this initial assessment we may discover other underlying issues that resulted in the current problems you are experiencing now.

Step 2 At this point, you have a deep understanding of what happened, the reasons for it and what you want going forward. We explore your situation. Your relationship is likely to fall under one of these three scenarios.

  • Both of you want to stay together, in this case we work on rebuilding trust by understanding the deeper reasons for the lack of it in your relationship and the issues in your relationship. We will pave the way to rebuild trust. a) We will set clear and specific boundaries and understanding, b) We define what trust and love means for each of you.
  • One of you wants to stay in this relationship, but the other one doesn’t. In this case, we will focus on communication so you and your partner can clearly express yourselves in a healthy, loving and respectful way and understand each other’s point of view. Once you have that understanding you can make a more educated decision as to What it would be the best choices to make, and What is the best way forward that works for both of you?
  • Both of you want to end your relationship, in this case, we focus on the best way you can end your relationship taking into account your feelings, needs and circumstances.

Depending on your scenario, we will have individual and couples sessions with your partner. Individual sessions will help us understand each of you point of view. Couples sessions will help you practice on how to express yourselves and understanding each other.

Step 3 Depending on your scenario on step 2, you will reflect on your experience, learn from it and make changes that will contribute to a healthy relationship in the future. Apply, learn and change.


This is a 10-week program to build trust.
You will have two 90-minute session per week.
The sessions are divided into 3 blocks as benchmarks to track the progress.
You will have a total of 20 sessions plus a free closing session

The following shows how the sessions are structured:

1-6Understand your past and what happened
7-9Identify what each of you want from this relationship and set specific goals.
10-12We will make a plan and a timeline to achieve these goals that work for both of you
12-21Take action to follow your plan

Block 1
Sessions 1-6 are to understand your past and what happened.

  • 2 sessions per to reflect on your past
  • 2 sessions per to understand your present
  • 2 sessions to understand what you want from the future

At this point you will gain some understanding, you will have feedback on your situation. Here is an opportunity to share your story, feelings, needs and desires and in the process we will explore those together which will give you clarity, understanding and maybe a different perspective on yourself and your situation.

Block 2
Sessions 7-9 are to identify what each of you want from this relationship.
Here we will have 3 sessions, one with each partner and one together

  • We’ll set specific goals depending on what you and your partner want from this relationship. Sessions 10-12 are to create a plan and timeline.
  • We will make a plan to achieve these goals that work for both of you
  • We will create a specific timeline for when you want to achieve your goals
  • These are the general scenarios that couples are going through

Block 3
Sessions 12-21 are to take action on your plan.
With understanding from step 1, clear goals and a plan from step 2, we can now start implementing the plan agreed upon in step 2. You both will start working towards achieving your goals.
Once you achieve these goals, you will have the knowledge, understanding and tools to learn from your past experience and implement the changes needed to create and maintain a healthy and loving relationship. After that you will have the tools and knowledge to use in your relationship and your life.r

You can enroll on this program as a whole or pay as you go. However, take into account that single booked sessions won’t include the extras of the program, single sessions will only consist of a video call session.

Specific dates and time for each sessionYou book your sessions and decide the frequency
Pre-planned sessionsFlexible sessions
Achieve specific goals at the set timelineAchieve specific goals at a more flexible timeline
Higher commitmentLess commitment
Less flexibilityMore flexibility
Pay up-frontPay per session
Set 90-minute coaching time per sessionYou choose the time each session last when you book
Includes: homework, workbook, email support and guidanceIncludes : homework and the session you book for the time you choose
21 sessionsDepends on your progress and the frequency of your sessions


$ 2600

This program includes:

  • 20 coaching sessions via video call of 90 minutes each
  • 1 free final overview closing session of 90 minutes
  • 1 PDF workbook for you to complement the sessions
  • Email support to clarify doubts
  • Guidance to stay on track
  • Homework exercises between the sessions

This program has predetermined dates and times that will be agreed upon with you. The fees are non-refundable. However, we allow some flexibility in terms of days and times for the sessions, subject to availability.

If you want to take this program, we recommend you booking an introductory session to ensure you are making the right decision for you.


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