This program is for people in a relationship who have communication issues, constant misunderstandings, lack of communication, arguments, and feeling misheard and ignored.

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and don’t know how to improve your current situation, and you would like to find a way to have a happy relationship with your partner. Then, this program is for you.

Through this program, you will learn how to build healthy communication with your partner and rekindle your love.


Having communication issues is a common occurrence in relationships. Being tired, busy, lacking attention or just not being interested in a certain topic can make us ignore what our partner says. However, our partner deserves respect for their time and their need of sharing with us.

Problems arise when things are said and neither partner gives enough importance to ensure they are understood in the way they were intended.

It is almost certain that issues will arise later on when one partner feels that was ignored. And from then on, a feeling of disappointment and resentment will start building.

Like a snowball effect, soon enough the relationship will be suffering, and you will feel the toll in all areas of your life.

The longer we are with one partner, the more common is to not hear what they say, guess, or assume what they intended. This will eventually lead to confusion and arguments.

Choose this program if you want to:

  • Get clarity in your situation
  • Recognise where are your major communication issues
  • Identify your feelings, emotions and needs
  • Learn to express your feelings, emotions and needs
  • Learn to express your opinions, thoughts and ideas
  • Practice hearing each other out
  • Understanding what each of you means


First, we work on dealing with the negative feelings that you and your partner may have so that you can handle the situation lovingly.

Working on your communication is the first step to developing a deep emotional connection with your partner. By expressing what you need and want, your partner will know what they need to give you and vice versa.

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is not a natural thing to do, it has to be learned, and once you do it, you can apply it to your whole life.

The communication program will help you:

  • Learn to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions clearly
  • Ensure your partner understands what you mean
  • Take the time to hear your partner
  • Understand what your partner means
  • Understand what your partner needs and desires
  • Bring clarity to your situation
  • Develop basic communication skills to create a deeper understanding and connection
  • Get the reassurance that you are making the right decision going forward
  • Learn to listen to each other and work together

We will help you and your partner to:

  • Create a safe ground for expression
  • Show your love to your partner
  • Develop relationship-building activities
  • After a session, you will have a little homework to do together where you will have a chance to implement what you learned during the coaching session.
  • You will also have a workbook to use with your partner to help you reflect on yourself and your situation.

During this process, you will have the chance to message by email if you have any doubts or going through a crisis.

Our program will revolve around the fundamental 3 step approach:

3 Step Approach (Assessment) Past, Present and Future

Step 1
Understanding the past. What happened, when, how and why? What was your relationship like before having communication problems, and How are they affecting your relationship?

During this initial assessment, we may discover other underlying issues that resulted in the current problems you are experiencing now.

Step 2
Understanding your present (How do you feel about the situation, how does your partner feel about the situation and how the communication issues are affecting them?
At this point, you should have a deep understanding of what happened, the reasons for it and what you want going forward.

We explore your situation focusing on your communication, so you and your partner can clearly express yourselves in a healthy, loving and respectful way and understand each other’s point of view.

Step 3
Understanding the future. What do you want going forward? What does each of you want for the future?

Once you have that understanding you can make a more educated decision as to What would be the best choices to make, and What is the best way forward that works for both of you?


This is a 21-week program to build trust.
You will have two 90-minute sessions per week.
The sessions are divided into 3 blocks as benchmarks to track the progress.
You will have a total of 20 sessions plus a free closing session

The following shows how the sessions are structured:

1-4Understand your past and the root of your communication issues
5-6Learn effective communication
7-14Express, listen and understand each other
15-21Identify your needs and desires, and express them to your partner

Block 1
Sessions 1-4 are to understand your past and the root of your communication issues

At this point, you will gain some understanding, and you will have feedback on your situation. Here is an opportunity to share your story, feelings, needs and desires, and in the process, we will explore those together, which will give you clarity, understanding and maybe a different perspective on yourself and your situation.

Sessions 5-6 are to learn the most important skill, which is to communicate clearly and effectively. So that we can use this new skill for the rest of our coaching program.

Block 2
Sessions 7-14 are to identify what each of you wants from this relationship by expressing your feelings, emotions, goals and anything you feel hasn’t been heard by your partner.

  • We’ll set specific goals depending on what you and your partner want from this relationship.
  • We’ll ensure each of you hears and understand what the other means.

Block 3
Sessions 15-21 are to identify your needs and make requests to your partner to fulfil those needs.
We’ll practice the new skills on effective communication to create a loving connection between you and your partner where each of you feels loved and understood.

You can enrol on this program as a whole or pay as you go. However, take into account that single booked sessions won’t include the extras of the program, single sessions will only consist of a video call session.

Specific dates and times for each sessionYou book your sessions and decide the frequency
Pre-planned sessionsFlexible sessions
Achieve specific goals at the set timelineAchieve specific goals at a more flexible timeline
Higher commitmentLess commitment
Less flexibilityMore flexibility
Pay up-frontPay per session
Set 90-minute coaching time per sessionYou choose the time each session last when you book
Includes: homework, workbook, email support and guidanceIncludes: homework and the session you book for the time you choose
21 sessionsDepends on your progress and the frequency of your sessions


$ 2600

This program includes:

  • 20 coaching sessions via video call of 90 minutes each
  • 1 free final overview closing session of 90 minutes
  • 1 PDF workbook for you to complement the sessions
  • Email support to clarify doubts
  • Guidance to stay on track
  • Homework exercises between the sessions

This program has predetermined dates and times that will be agreed upon with you. The fees are non-refundable. However, we allow some flexibility in terms of days and times for the sessions, subject to availability.

If you want to take this program, we recommend you book an introductory session to ensure you are making the right decision for you.


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