Relationship coaching is a goal-oriented approach to helping you create a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
When it comes to having a healthy relationship, the first step is to explore yourself and learn as much as you can about your feelings, needs, goals and various patterns of behaviour (e.g. Why you do what you do).
This self-exploration includes reflecting on your history, previous relationships, as well as your current emotional state and circumstances. 

Way too often, people find themselves in unhealthy relationships, not knowing how to fix them and at the same time struggling to break away.
In some cases, certain patterns of behaviour, lead to having the same type of relationship with similar partners and same type of problems.

One of the first questions we help our clients answer is if it is worth staying in such a relationship.
If the answer is yes, we find a way to make it work.
If the answer is no, we find a way to end this relationship with love and respect.


Relationship coaching is a proactive approach to figuring out the origin of the issues and addressing them in structured, yet compassionate way.
Our aim is to help you get to know yourself and create a meaningful connection with your partner.

We guide you step by step towards achieving your relationship goals through understanding and effective communication.

We start by helping you to make small yet practical and impactful changes in your everyday life, like the way you interact and communicate with your partner.
With time, these small changes accumulate and make a big difference in the dynamic of your relationship

Relationship coaching is a goal-oriented process that gives you knowledge, tools and strategies to deal with difficult issues in your relationship.

With this knowledge, you are able to make practical changes in your life and implement new ways of thinking and behaving.
After a few sessions you become mindful of yourself and the world around you.

Our coaching programs are designed to tackle each specific area of your relationship.
Throughout our programs, you will discover how your behaviour affects you and others around you.
This awareness helps you and your partner to communicate and behave in a more loving, considerate and respectful way.
By the end of the coaching program, you have all you need to create a healthy and loving relationship.


Relationship coaching works great for couples and single people.
We work with people online from all over the world who have different backgrounds, countries and religions.

Relationship coaching can help couples address different issues that they struggle to resolve by themselves.
It is easy to get caught up in a situation where you may not see your partner’s point of view when you are experiencing emotional turmoil.
This is where an impartial and unbiased input from a professional coach can make a world of difference.
Our coaches will help you get out of this stagnation and get your relationship moving in the right direction.

During coaching with us, you will receive an impartial and unbiased opinion.
We achieve this by being fully open to understanding each partner’s point of view by having individual sessions with each partner before bringing them together.


Sometimes relationships can be tough, and breakups – painful.
But there is always something you can do, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

We all have a history and believe that there are things we could have done ‘better’.
While you can not change what already happened, you can certainly learn from your experiences.

Working out ins and outs of any relationship is not an easy task and getting to the bottom of things requires time, space, and effort,
This process has to be approached with care and should not be rushed.
Every person functions in different ways and at different speeds.

During coaching, we focus on a particular stage of a relationship, while honing in on a particular issue that is getting in the way of your happiness.

Normally, one of the partners is seeking help with their relationship.
One of the first questions we ask is if your partner is willing to work with you to resolve the issue.

Provided both partners are willing to put the time and effort to improve their relationship, online coaching is the perfect way to get help.
This is particularly helpful for couples who find themselves physically apart for some reason.

Right now you face a choice.
Spend your present in your past or draw a line and start creating your life on your own terms.

This decision is yours, and it may be the one that will fill your life with love and understanding.
We are here to help you along and guide you in the direction of your choice.
So, why not embrace this opportunity to learn how you can become the best partner you can be.


Relationship coaching can give you a fresh perspective and help you recognise if your current relationship is the kind of relationship you want for yourself.

Here are some of the common areas where we help our clients through relationship coaching:

  • Get clarity on your feelings and circumstances
  • Reflect on your situation
  • Set your relationship goals
  • Re-establish your boundaries
  • Recognise the power you have to change and improve
  • Improve your communication
  • Build trust
  • Increase emotional and physical intimacy
  • Learn and practice healthy conflict resolution
  • Recognise your triggers and those of your partner
  • Create a healthy and loving relationship
  • Work as a team
  • Get your relationship back on track
  • Online coaching is an easy and convenient way to get help with issues that hold you back in life
  • Give you the tools to implement new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Be more mindful of yourself and the world around you
  • Recognise if this is the relationship that is right for you


Many relationship problems originate from personal insecurities and bad communication.
In our relationship coaching sessions, we chose between these two approaches, and sometimes even combine them.

  1. We focus on practical things you can change to improve your communication.
  2. We delve deeper into your past to see how it affects your relationship.

Your past can negatively affect your relationship, so it is worth addressing it before expecting to have a healthy relationship.
Creating a meaningful change can be challenging both emotionally and practically.

We are here to help you deal with these challenges, so you have the tools and the knowledge to navigate your relationship with awareness, while making conscious decisions.

Our approach to relationship coaching for couples focuses on identifying feelings, needs and preferences of you and your partner.

We will help you discover and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
Then, we will help you connect your thoughts and feelings with your behaviour.

1) In our first session, we will hear you out to learn about your situation and your priorities.
2) The second session is with your partner, where they have time to share their view on your relationship.
3) A group session with you and your partner will help you understand each other and create a meaningful connection.

Through coaching, we take the time to understand you and give you the help you need, which is clear, structured, and goals oriented.

  • Our main focus is to help you create a meaningful connection with yourself and your partner.
  • We help you achieve your relationship goals through understanding and effective communication.
  • We remain impartial, unbiased and open to fully understanding the point of view of each partner. We achieve this by having individual sessions with each partner before bringing them together. This allows us to recognise the feelings and needs as well as the thoughts and doubts of each person. So that we can find the most amicable solution that works for everyone.
  • Each partner is heard and understood. As well as understand each other’s point of view, which is where couples who disagree find it difficult to find a solution by themselves. For us, each client is an individual with all the potential of a human being.
  • We focus on actions and the future aimed, at solving problems along the way and working with the conscious mind.
  • We see an individual or a couple who comes to us for coaching as a whole human being with all their potential to be healthy, happy, empowered and able to achieve their goals.
  • Our mission is to bring harmony to each person and their relationship.
  • Happy parents = happy children = brighter future for everyone. Life’s stresses can take a toll on us, and it is the people closest to us that pay the price.
  • You can make changes in small steps on a day to day basis, which will give you a grounded foundation to establish new patterns.
  • We don’t take sides or tell you what to do.

You have the power to create the life you want and the relationship you enjoy.
We are here to help you and support you in this journey.


  • All you need is true awareness and commitment to yourself to make the decisions that are right for you.
  • You are in charge of your life and control of your choices, so you can be flexible to adjust to your needs and feel free to acknowledge your feelings.
  • You need to make your decisions based on your needs, willingness, time and money.

That said, we will tell you what we think would be best and what you can expect based on what you want to achieve.


While we have set programs for different areas of a relationship, we let the process happen as it needs to, facilitating it by being present, listening and sharing our insight with you and your partner.

Unless you chose a program, in the beginning of your coaching journey, we allow things to unfold on their own terms, in their own time.
This gives you an opportunity to freely share what’s on your mind.
Your openness helps us get the idea and the feel for who you are, where you are, how you think, your beliefs, etc.
The more we understand you, the better we can help.

Take a breath, relax and realise that there is no rush, no pressure.
Take your time to process what you need to process, feel what you need to feel and decide what is right for you.
Only make decisions when you feel ready.


During relationship coaching, we follow our own three-stage approach


At the moment you may be:

  • Feeling stuck in a situation without seeing a way out.
  • Overwhelmed by everything you have to do without having the time, patience, willingness or resources to do it.
  • Puzzled by the behaviour of your partner, spouse, friend or a family member.
  • Feeling lost in life, without a sense of purpose or direction.
  • Feeling hopeless that everything you try to implement to change your life for the better just does not happen the way you want it to.
  • Surrounded by people and being in a relationship that just does not leave you feeling content daily, and you end up telling yourself that ’this is just how life is’.

Here, you will recognise your assumptions and expectations and weigh them against the objective reality and observable behaviour you and your partner have.


At this point you can:

  • Identify your assumptions and expectations
  • Separate observable behaviour of yourself and others from the judgements
  • Distinguish between objective aspects of your circumstances and the emotions that you associate with them.

In this stage, we will start implementing the newly acquired knowledge and skills into different aspects of your life. You will start identifying the feelings and emotions you have without blaming anyone. You will get familiar with what you need and desire and find ways to get them fulfilled.


At this point, you may start encountering different types of challenges and problems, those that in the past were successfully ignored. A relevant reference here is an audiobook: ‘A subtle art of not giving a f*** ‘

By now:

  • You are aware of the connection between your decisions and the outcomes.
  • You are in touch with your feelings that inform you when something is fulfilling your needs and contributing to your life in a way you want and expect.
  • You can identify when certain emotions are beginning to develop that are warning you that something is not up to scratch, and your immediate intervention is required to make a change before the situation escalates beyond your control.
  • You might be noticing things that were not there before. People’s intentions may now become more transparent, and new skills will need to be developed to handle those.

At this stage, you will have to develop a higher sensitivity to recognise your feelings and needs as they happen. So, we will work on developing strategies to manage these needs and find healthy ways to fulfil them.

One fundamental idea that is a huge part of this process of bringing about change is that everything is ok. This reminder can help you bring certain ease into your decision-making process, allowing more mindfulness in your actions and how they affect you and others around you.



  1. Book an introductory session where we will assess your situation to see how we can best help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.
  2. Chose a program to work on specific area of your relationship or book the next one-off session to explore your situation in more detail.
  3. You will be assigned one person who will look after you throughout your journey with us.
  4. Once we identify a particular issue, you will see a more specialised coach for some of your sessions.


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