All my life I searched for something that would make me feel better but no matter what I tried, nothing worked permanently. I struggled for years with emotional and spiritual problems and addiction. I have sought and received help for this. During my recovery I gained insight into what I was looking for all along. I am grateful that I learned to cope with my struggles and now found a way to live a happy life.


I am a Certified Addiction Counselor and Certified International Register Hypnotherapist. I am also an EMDR therapist and foot reflexology therapist.

My website: recoverynow.nl

If you have an addiction, I can help you regain control of your own life and regain a view on the future. I do this using the evidence-based Minnesota Model. In your guidance I also draw on my own experience expertise and together we discover how we can best help you using your own qualities and possibilities.

I offer you the tools to help you move forward step by step. But for this you will have to take action yourself, otherwise nothing will happen.

In combination with Counseling, where we focus more on underlying emotional problems, a strong motivating factor can arise in motivation and perseverance in the search for and recovery from addiction problems. This outpatient abstinent care is for people who are addicted to mind-altering substances such as alcohol, cocaine, speed, drugs, GHB, weed, but also sex, game or gambling addiction.

My starting point is the conviction that body, mind and environment are inextricably linked. You simply cannot be separated from the world around you, what you have experienced and how you experience this.

This holistic approach makes this a sustainable form of care: it does not focus on the single complaint or on a single treatment protocol.

We look at you as a person as a whole and help you to realize a real positive and lasting change. By offering you handles and tools and making use of your own qualities, I help you with acceptance, learning to let go and insight, which ultimately leads you to recovery and health.

I help you to find and use your problem-solving and self-healing abilities again. This is how you come home to yourself!


Should I choose online coaching?

Having couples coaching online has many advantages, including:
• Live video sessions are great for getting into the deeper aspects of the issue.
• They work best once we are clear on all the facts.
• Reflect on your situation
• Set some goals
• Check your progress
• Ask any questions as they come
• Work at your own pace