How to Find a Long-Distance Partner - Workbook

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This workbook is for individuals who are looking for a partner to enjoy life with and for people who have repeatedly found themselves in unhealthy relationships.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship you may want to take some time to reassess who you are, what’s important for you and what do you want from life in general and from a relationship in particular.

But, how many of us take the time to really understand ourselves, who we are, and what do we really want in our lives and in our relationships?

Get it right from the very beginning!

This workbook is the next best thing after a coaching session!
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1 pdf, 84 pages, 60 questions

Easy to follow step by step guide.
It includes:

  • Worksheets
  • Explanation of the topic
  • Guidance
  • Example of answers
  • Common problems and how to fix them
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

The questions in this workbook have been selected by professional coaches based on years of experience helping couples and individuals alike. As you progress, you will explore various aspects of your relationship and uncover how healthy your relationship really is.

The steps are presented in a specific sequence to guide you through the most important topics related to finding a long-distance partner.


  • Set your personal preferences, life goals and ambitions.
  • Know what is important for you and what things you can be flexible with.
  • See what type of relationship is right for you.
  • Know what type of relationship aligns with who you are and what you want.
  • Become clear on your values, beliefs and expectations.


  • Identify what’s important for you in a relationship and in a potential partner.
  • Make a list of traits, characteristics and values that you would like your potential partner to have.
  • Learn how to express your preferences and desires to your potential partner.
  • Learn to be aware of the mistakes you made in your previous relationships and avoid making them again.


  • Have a clear idea of what you want in your personal life and in a relationship.
  • Have a list of characteristics that are important for you in your potential partner.
  • Know what questions to ask and what topics to bring up when getting to know someone.
  • Know how to express your preferences, needs and expectations from your potential partner and your future relationship.



Price: £8.99

STEP 1 – Before looking for the right partner, you should get to know yourself.

STEP 2 – Reflect on your past relationships to learn from your mistakes.

STEP 3 – Remember what your relationships have been like with your previous partners.

STEP 4 – Imagine what your ideal relationship would look like.

STEP 5 – Describe your ideal partner with whom you would love to be together.

Each step includes:
• A brief introduction
• Explanation of each topic and step
• Suggestions on what to consider when answering each question
• Examples to answer for more difficult questions

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Is this workbook for me?

Are you single?
Have you had many unsuccessful relationships?
Do you want to find the person whose values align with yours?
Are you looking for a type of relationship that fits in with your lifestyle?

What is inside this workbook?

Topic overview
Common problems and solutions
Common mistakes and how to avoid them
Section guide
Examples, ideas, questions and exercises for you and your partner
On the last page you will find our direct email, in case you need some help

How should I use this workbook?

This is a fillable pdf, so type your answers directly on your computer
Make a copy of the workbook and share it with your partner
Work on it together when you see each other
Fill it in separately and compare your answers


This is your COMPLETE GUIDE to help you create a healthy, happy and successful Long-Distance Relationship.

Here, you will learn about yourself and your ideal partner to check how compatible you are. You will also get to explore your current relationship, assess what problems you have and how to fix them.