How to Have a Long-Distance Relationship

If you are thinking about having a long-distance relationship, you should know what it involves and what it’s like to have one.

Having a strong and healthy long-distance relationship requires you to prepare for it. To help you prepare consider these questions:

  1. Why do you want to start a long-distance relationship?
  2. Who do you want to start a long-distance relationship with?
  3. What do you want to achieve from this long-distance relationship?
  4. Do you have the means to visit each other and move in together?
  5. Are you okay with limited physical intimacy for some time and if so for how long?

To have a successful long-distance relationship, you should think about why you want to have one and how long you will the time part last.

Today we’ll talk about how to have a long-distance relationship that is healthy and exciting and the things you should consider before starting this relationship.

Is It Good to Have a Long-Distance Relationship?

Having a long-distance relationship is good in some ways and it can also be challenging in others. The good thing about being in a long-distance relationship is that you have a lot of time for yourself.

In a regular relationship, you spend a lot of time with your partner. This has one downside which can get in the way of you doing the things you like.

In a long-distance relationship, on the other hand, you are still in a romantic relationship, so you have someone to talk to about your most intimate and personal things. But at the same time, you have an opportunity to spend time on your hobbies and interests, go out with friends, and spend time with your family.

Having a long-distance relationship can be a great choice. Many couples face situations where they need to be a part for some time for some reason.

When this happens, partners feel stuck in a predicament that they aren’t happy with. This can give rise to negative thinking and negative emotions, which will make the long-distance relationship so much harder.

It helps to see a long-distance relationship as an opportunity to catch up with your personal lives and look at your relationship from a different perspective.

If you find yourself having negative thoughts about your long-distance relationship or talking about things you cannot control in your conversations, you should stop. Even though it can be difficult, try to find positive things about being in a long-distance relationship.

Healthy communication also helps to have a good long-distance relationship. Many couples in long-distance relationships spend a lot of time talking to each other. They do this as an attempt to compensate for the lack of physical intimacy, to feel connected.

The problem with that is talking too much can lead to boring conversations and take the time away from doing something more fun and interesting with your life.

How to Have a Great Long-Distance Relationship

Do you have a great long-distance relationship that you enjoy? If you see your relationship as a chore and an obligation, it will be tough to maintain your long-distance relationship.

A great long-distance relationship means you are enjoying your personal life as well as sharing it with your long-distance partner.

There is something great about being able to do fun things with your friends, family or by yourself. When you can have fun doing these things, you will always have something interesting to share when you talk to your long-distance partner.

A great long-distance relationship is the one where you can freely express your feelings to your long-distance partner without the fear of being judged. When you are away from each other, you have a lot of time alone with your thoughts. 

Any negative thinking can develop into doubts. If it happens, it’s great if you can share this thought with your long-distance partner.

There will be a time when your partner will have their doubts about their personal life or your relationship. And wouldn’t it be great if they felt completely free to express themselves openly and honestly to you?

Having a great long-distance relationship also means you trust your partner and being trusted by your partner. Having trust in a long-distance relationship requires good communication and a complete understanding of how both of you feel about being in a long-distance relationship.

How to Have a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Having a successful long-distance relationship depends on what success means to you and your long-distance partner. If you are starting a long-distance relationship online, a successful long-distance relationship could mean you found the love of your life and will be moving in together.

If you are in an existing relationship and have to maintain it over a long-distance, a successful long-distance relationship for you would be the one where you can stay emotionally connected until you can reunite and get back together.

Whatever your situation is, having a successful long-distance relationship isn’t enough. Many couples struggle from being in a long-distance relationship for a long time.

Long-distance relationships aren’t meant to last a long time. They are romantic relationships and should include physical intimacy. And in the long-distance relationship physical intimacy is reserved for the times you visit each other.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship for months, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy this time. All that you need to do is change the way you look at long-distance relationships.

A long-distance relationship is an opportunity for you to spend the time you have doing the things you like. While still having a romantic partner with whom you can share your intimate thoughts and feelings.

To have a successful long-distance relationship, you should have clear goals. These goals are something you agree on with your long-distance partner. 

To achieve these goals, you need to have a plan and set and a timeline. Unless you agree on what you can do and when you will be able to do it, things will be harder for you to manage in your long-distance relationship.

The success of your long-distance relationship is directly related to the quality of your communication. So I believe it’s worth investing your time and effort and going through this workbook as it will help you lay the foundation for a strong and healthy relationship:

Improve communication in your long-distance relationship - WORKBOOK

How to Have a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

A healthy long-distance relationship is the one that contributes to your personal well-being and the success of your relationship.

Many couples stay in long-distance relationships regardless of how they feel about it. Lack of physical intimacy is a problem for a lot of people. Yet they stay together for different reasons.

Some couples stay together because they feel obligated; others stay together because they feel committed. Some couples remain in a long-distance relationship for the hope that one day they will get together and be happy.

What a lot of people miss out is having a healthy long-distance relationship. A long-distance relationship that is fun and exciting. The main reason why many couples see a long-distance relationship as hardship is because of negative thinking about it.

The moment you change your point of view on what a long-distance relationship can offer you and how it can contribute to your life, you can start enjoying it.

The first step is to change any negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s not a philosophical idea, it’s a practical one. For example, if you are talking to your long-distance partner about how you wish you could be together, that’s negative thinking. 

You have no control over that moment in time because you are apart. Instead, you can talk about the things that you can control. For example, you can plan when and how often you communicate with each other. You can also discuss the next time you meet each other and plan a holiday for it.

Changing your mindset from seeing your long-distance relationship as a hardship to seeing it as an opportunity is the key to having a healthy long-distance relationship.

If you are in doubt if your relationship is healthy, this workbook will help you figure it out:

How to Have a Happy Long-Distance Relationship

Do you have a happy long-distance relationship, first of all, you should be happy with yourself and your own life.

Some people look for partners to complete their life and to make them happy. A healthier way is to make sure that you are happy with your own life, and then look for someone to share this happiness with.

Expecting another person to make you feel happy puts a lot of pressure on them. Nobody likes to feel pressured. When your long-distance partner feels pressured, they start having a negative experience. 

If they are having a negative experience while being in a long-distance relationship with you, they will see and associate you and your long-distance relationship with something negative.

It’s okay to feel happy and it’s also okay to feel sad. In a healthy long-distance relationship, it’s important that you feel free to express and share your feelings with each other.

A happy long-distance relationship is not only possible; it’s necessary. Many couples are unhappy and miserable in their long-distance relationships. This doesn’t bring anything of value to you nor to your long-distance partner.

If you find yourself in an unhappy long-distance relationship, you should reassess your relationship with your long-distance partner. At that point, you can either find a way to fix the things that make you unhappy or end your long-distance relationship and find something else that would bring happiness to your life.

And unhappy and miserable long-distance relationship isn’t worth it.

How to Have a Fun Long-Distance Relationship

It’s important that you have fun in your long-distance relationship. Having a fun long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to do something fun together. Of course, having fun conversations and having fun when you meet each other is part of it. But it’s not the only thing.

Having a fun long-distance relationship means you are having fun with your life and then sharing this fun with each other during your conversations or your meetings.

Many couples tend to talk to each other on the phone for hours and hours every day. Other couples keep texting each other all the time. This inevitably leads to problems in your long-distance relationship.

If you talk too much to your long-distance partner, sooner or later you will run out of things to say.

Of course, you can always find something to say, but your conversation can become boring and meaningless. Another problem with this is that you won’t have time to do anything interesting with your life around you.

The solution to this is to spend less time communicating and more time enjoying your personal life. This way, when you do talk to your long-distance partner, you will spend less time, but it will be quality time.

You will be able to talk about fun, exciting, and interesting things you would have done in your life. And the same goes for your partner.

To spice up your relationship, here’s a workbook that will do the trick:


If you’re planning to have a long-distance relationship, you should prepare yourself to have a healthy one. I hope the long-distance relationship involves you and your long-distance partner having fun Even when you’re not together.

Long-distance relationships can be hard because of the lack of physical intimacy. But long-distance couples make them even harder by handling them the wrong way.

If you see a long-distance relationship as a struggle, it will be very hard for you to enjoy it.

To enjoy the long-distance relationship, you need to change your mindset from negative thinking into positive. To do that you need to see your long-distance relationship for what it is, an opportunity to do things you would like to do in your personal life as well as having somebody to share them with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to have a long-distance relationship in college?

Having a long-distance relationship in college isn’t always a good idea. First of all, you will be away from your partner for several years. Secondly, college is the place to explore your social world and develop as a person.

How to have a long-distance relationship as a teenager?

When you’re a teenager, it can be fun to explore the world around you. There is nothing wrong with having a long-distance relationship, as long as it doesn’t take you away from living your life and being with people who are next to you.

How to have patience in a long-distance relationship?

You only need patience in a long-distance relationship if you are waiting to be together. Instead of waiting to be together, you should focus on what you can do now. A long-distance relationship is an opportunity for you to spend your time doing what you like and sharing personal and fun things with your long-distance partner.

How to have a long-distance relationship with someone you’ve never met?

When you have a long-distance relationship with someone you’ve never met, you are having a relationship with an idea, rather than with an actual person. To get to know the real person, you have to meet them in real life.


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