How to Save a Long Distance Relationship

How to Save a Long Distance Relationship

When you have been in a long-distance relationship for a while, you may encounter some problems. These problems can ruin your relationship if you don’t know how to handle them.

Here are some things you can do to save your long-distance relationship:

  1. See a long-distance relationship for what it is, and not for what you want it to be.
  2. Recognise how you feel about your partner and your long-distance relationship.
  3. Check that you have trust, as well as open, transparent, and honest communication.
  4. Visit your partner frequently to maintain physical intimacy.
  5. Have meaningful conversations about your feelings and your relationship to maintaining an emotional connection.
  6. Make a plan and a timeline to know how long your long-distance relationship will last, and when will you move in together.

Depending on where you are in your long-distance relationship, there are things you can do to save it. First, we’ll have to identify the problem and its cause to see what it’s the healthiest option to save your relationship.

What to Do to Save a Long-Distance Relationship? 

To save your long-distance relationship, first of all, you should be honest with yourself and your long-distance partner. Sometimes partners try to stick together even though their relationship isn’t working. If you long-distance relationship no longer brings your fulfilment, you need to reassess if it’s worth continuing it.

If you and your partner have the willingness to work out your issues, then trying to save your relationship is worth it.

One of the main problems that ruin long-distance relationships is lousy communication. When you’re away from your partner, it’s difficult to express yourself, and it’s easy for your partner to misunderstand what you mean.

If you want to save your relationship, try to make an effort to express yourself as clearly as you can. Give your partner a chance to reflect on what you’re saying. Ask them what they understood to make sure you’re on the same page.

Physical intimacy is another big issue in a long-distance relationship. Many couples don’t have the means to visit each other as frequently as they’d like. Been apart for a long time, has a risk of you growing apart from your long-distance partner.

If you don’t see each other frequently, your feelings may fade away. One thing you can do to save your relationship at that point is to find a way to visit each other regularly and go on trips together.

If you don’t have the means for visiting each other often, make a plan and a timeline for how long your long-distance relationship will last and when you can move in together. Having a plan will reassure you and will make it easier for you to maintain a connection without seeing each other for a while.

How to Save a Long-Distance Relationship from Falling Apart?

If your long-distance relationship is falling apart, try to address the areas that are causing the issues. Once you figure out what exactly is the problem, discuss it with your partner.

After you talked to your long-distance partner about the issues, together you can try to find a way to fix them. To fix the problems in a long-distance relationship, you need willingness and effective communication.

If one of you isn’t willing to make an effort and work things out, then it’s probably not worth your time to do it by yourself.

How to Save a Dying Long-Distance Relationship?

Suppose you feel your long-distance relationship is dying. In that case, it can be a sign that your feelings have faded away, or you lost interest in being together.

Before you end your relationship, reflect on how your relationship contributes to your well-being. First, get clear if your issues are regarding your relationship or are they caused by the distance.

If you have outgrown your relationship, then you can end it and perhaps even remain friends. However, suppose your issues are related to the distance between the two of you. In that case, you can do a trial for a few weeks or months living together to see if you are happy.

How to Save a Long-Distance Relationship from Breaking up?

Sometimes breaking up isn’t a bad thing. If you are dealing with many issues, and you are struggling to find a way to fix them, breaking up can be a good thing.

Having some time away from your relationship will help you reflect on your feelings and circumstances. You don’t have to make a drastic decision of ultimately ending your relationship. You can have one or two weeks break and see how you feel.

When you meet with your partner, express your thoughts and feelings and ask what’s on their mind. If you decide that you love each other and want to work things out, this willingness will help you.

After a little break, you may discover that you feel happier without this relationship, or maybe you decide that living together would be better.

How to Save a Failing Long-Distance Relationship? 

If you want to save a failing relationship, you should understand why your relationship is failing. It could be that your feelings have changed or you can no longer tolerate the lack of physical intimacy.

Maybe you are arguing and fighting too much because of poor communication.

Once you get clear on the cause of the problem, you can talk to your partner and find a solution.

Effective communication is a key to make your long-distance relationship work. To help you along, here’s a workbook that will take you step by step through everything you need to know about communication in your relationship.

Improve communication in your long-distance relationship - WORKBOOK

How to Save a Broken Long-Distance Relationship? 

Once your relationship is broken, it can be hard to fix. But it depends on the reason your long-distance relationship was broken in the first place.

If one of you has cheated, then your trust is compromised. Without trust, it’s tough to maintain a healthy and successful long-distance relationship.

Maybe your relationship got broken because you expected to move in together at a specific time, which didn’t happen.

Suppose you don’t have the possibility of moving in and living together. In that case, it could be better to end your relationship or remain friends.

How Do You Know if Your Relationship Is Worth Saving? 

Your long-distance relationship is worth saving if you and your long-distance partner have the willingness to try to make it work. If one of you has lost interest in your relationship, you might be better off ending it.

As long as you and your partner want to make your relationship work, there is always a way to fix the problems that exist in your relationship.

If you want to make a long-distance relationship work, but don’t know-how, you can ask a relationship coach to guide you.

The Best Way to Save a Long-Distance Relationship 

The best way to save a long-distance relationship is by making sure that you have trust and effective communication. As long as you have these two things, you have every chance of making it work.

Couples and long-distance relationship find themselves in different circumstances. Sometimes they want to be together, but don’t have the means to do so.

While it can be heartbreaking to let go of the person you love, sometimes staying in a dysfunctional relationship is even worse. But things don’t have to get so dramatic. If you are getting on well together, you can remain friends and share your intimate and personal things.

The problem with long-distance relationships is that they are romantic in nature.

If you started a romantic relationship, you expect physical intimacy.

That is the only thing that separates friendship from a romantic relationship. In a long-distance relationship, there is an inherent lack of physical intimacy.

While long-distance relationships can last for a few months, if you don’t see a way to move in together, you may want to reassess your relationship.


Long-distance relationships can be hard to manage for several reasons. One of them is poor communication. If you can’t express yourself clearly, it can lead to confusion, misunderstanding is, and unnecessary fights and arguments.

The innate lack of physical intimacy in a romantic long-distance relationship poses another big issue. The only way you can improve it is by visiting each other more often or going on trips together.

If you find yourself struggling in a long-distance relationship, it may be worth taking a week or so to reflect on it. A bit of space can help you and your partner look at your relationship from a different perspective and re-evaluate what’s important to you.

You may find that you want to make your relationship work and find a way to fix the problems that exist. At the same time, it might discover that this long-distance relationship is no longer working and you’d rather stay friends or end your relationship altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you save a long-distance relationship?

You save a long-distance relationship by improving your communication. Suppose you learn how to have effective communication by expressing yourself clearly and listening to your partner. In that case, you can fix most of the problems that you encounter.

How to save a long-distance relationship that is falling apart?

If your long-distance relationship is falling apart, take a moment to see if it’s worth saving. Some couples remain together even when their relationship brings nothing but suffering. If you and your partner decide that you want to make your relationship work, start by having a plan and improving your communication.

How to save money in a long-distance relationship?

Saving money in a long-distance relationship isn’t a priority unless it’s for you to move in together. Suppose you have a plan on how long your long-distance relationship will last and when you will be able to move in together. In that case, you can pull through by having a common goal and working towards it. At the same time, trying to save money by not visiting each other, will put extra pressure on your relationship due to increased lack of physical intimacy. You may save money, but lose your relationship, so it may not be worth it in the end.


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