Plan and Timeline for Your Long-Distance Relationship - WORKBOOK

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Many couples believe that relationships should develop naturally.

While planning may seem redundant in a moment of love and passion, having a clear plan and a timeline can actually make the difference between a successful LDR and the one that fails.

If goals are your destination, then a plan is how you get to your destination. A timeline is the schedule for your journey. Having a solid plan will reassure you that your relationship is going in the right direction.

Having a plan and a timeline greatly increases the success of your LDR and this practical workbook will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve just that.


  1. An overview of why a plan and a timeline are essential for a successful LDR
  2. A list of most common LDR problems (due to the lack of planning) and how to fix them
  3. Common mistakes LDR couples make and how to avoid them
  4. Instructions guiding you through each section
  5. Examples, ideas, questions and exercises for you and your partner to create your own plan and timeline
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  7. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, so you know you are not alone

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Plan & Timeline for Your Long-Distance Relationship
Plan & Timeline for Your Long-Distance Relationship


  • Are you feeling stuck in a relationship?
  • Would you like to understand why your relationship isn’t going the way you want it to?
  • Do you want to know what to do to get your relationship on track with your goals?
  • Do you want your relationship to progress in a healthy way?
  • Are you are feeling frustrated because the distance is lasting too long?
  • Are you serious about making your long-distance relationship work?


  1. This is a fillable pdf, so type your answers directly on your computer
  2. Make a copy of the workbook and share it with your partner
  3. Work on it together when you see each other
  4. Fill it in separately and compare your answers
Plan & Timeline for Your Long-Distance Relationship

The questions in this workbook have been selected by professional coaches based on years of experience helping couples and individuals alike. As you progress through this workbook, you will explore various aspects of your relationship and uncover how healthy your relationship really is.

  • Explore your relationship as you would during a coaching session
  • Identify your personal goals.
  • Agree your relationship goals with your partner.
  • Assess how much willingness, time and money each of you have to invest into your relationship.
  • Review how often you can visit each other and if this this enough for you and your partner.
  • Agree on the means and frequency of your communication, as well as a way to bring up sensitive topics.
  • Set a specific date to move in together and a clear plan to manage their relationship till then.



You will identify:

  • Your personal and relationship goals.
  • Your partner’s goals.
  • Areas of your relationship that need planning, based on your personal and relationship goals.
  • What both of you want from your relationship. 


You will discuss:

  • Each area of your relationship with your partner to get on the same page. 

You will create:

  • A specific plan and a timeline to achieve your goals.


You will know:

  • What you and your partner expect from this relationship.
  • Where your relationship is going.
  • When and how you will achieve your relationship goals. 


Plan and Timeline for Your Long-Distance Relationship - WORKBOOK

Price: £8.99

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This workbook is the next best thing after a coaching session!
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Is it important to have a plan in a long-distance relationship?

It’s important to have a plan if you want a successful relationship. A plan in a long-distance relationship can make the difference between you staying together to make it work or break up and lose the person you love. A good plan will help you navigate your relationship and reassure you that it’s going in the right direction.
If you are starting a long-distance relationship, it is a perfect opportunity to set your timeline and get it right from the very beginning. Having a timeline can also be useful if you are already in a long-distance relationship. It can help you reflect on how your long-distance relationship is going and decide if there’s anything you need to change.

Do I need a plan for my long-distance relationship?

Many couples don’t have a plan for their long-distance relationship. When you don’t have a plan, the inevitable doubts about your relationship can throw you off course. If this happens, it can jeopardise your whole relationship. You may love each other very much and have all the intentions of staying together. But, when something goes wrong in a long-distance relationship, small things can very quickly become big issues. Having a plan and clear communication can help you deal with issues before they become problems. 

Do I need a timeline for my long-distance relationship?

Yes, you do. Having a timeline can reassure you that you are on track with the goals and objectives for your long-distance relationship. Without the timeline, it’s easy to get stuck in a relationship without a sense of direction. When you have a timeline, you have an idea of when things are going to happen. It gives you more clarity and certainty about your relationship. A good timeline helps you easily see what you need to do and when to make your relationship work. Every couple should make their timeline based on their needs and circumstances. 
When setting a timeline consider:
• Communication arrangements
• Visiting dates
• Moving in

What happens if you don’t have a timeline for your long-distance relationship?

Without a timeline, you risk getting stuck in the limbo of a long-distance relationship without knowing where it is heading. When your communication is limited to online means, texts, phone calls and video calls, it can be hard to judge the state of your relationship.
The uncertainty about your long-distance relationship can lead to insecurity.  Insecurities turn into doubts, which can become toxic to your relationship. This situation happens gradually, which makes it hard to pinpoint the exact time your long-distance relationship goes from healthy to toxic. If you can, set a timeline for your goals before starting a long-distance relationship. It will make it easier for you to check whether or not you are happy in this relationship. It will also help you navigate your long-distance relationship through different stages and become aware if something is not quite right.

Will this workbook really help me?

If you can see certain issues in your relationship but your partner is avoiding to talk about it through the questions in this workbook you can bring these issues in a neutral way. Through these questions you will be able to bring up the issue that will seem to your partner that they are coming from a specialist and not from you. This helps when your partner has negative emotions towards you or your situation that causes them act defensively, rejecting everything you say just because it’s coming from, you despite of what you are trying to say.

How exactly will this workbook improve my LDR?

This workbook will give you clarity and help you see if you and your partner are on the same page in your relationship. It will help you discover if you have the same goals. If you do, the next thing would be to do a plan and a timeline to achieve them, and if you don’t, then you know it’s time to move on from this relationship.

Do I really need this workbook to improve my relationship or can I do it by myself?

This workbook has been put together by professional coaches with years of experience. It will guide you through the difficult topics that could be difficult to bring up on your own, yet are necessary if you are to have a healthy and successful relationship.


This is your COMPLETE GUIDE to help you create a healthy, happy and successful Long-Distance Relationship.

Here, you will learn about yourself and your ideal partner to check how compatible you are. You will also get to explore your current relationship, assess what problems you have and how to fix them.