What is Long-Distance Relationship Coaching?

Long-distance relationship coaching is a goal-oriented approach to help long-distance couples navigate the distance while they are apart and set goals to move in together and live together.

A long-distance relationship (LDR) is a romantic relationship where partners are separated by a geographical distance. A key aspect of a long-distance relationship is that it is temporary. In other words, at some point, it must end, either by a couple moving in and living together or by separating.

Long-distance coaching aims to address the issues that arise because of the distance and the individual values, beliefs, culture, expectations, insecurities, etc., intending to transform a person’s internal story by shifting small and everyday toxic behaviours to the ones that will lead to more loving and caring relationship.

You start by making small changes in your everyday life. These small changes can have a big impact on the dynamic of your relationship and interactions for the better.

Who Can Benefit from Long-Distance Relationship Coaching?

Long-distance relationship coaching can help couples who have problems in their relationship and need help working them out. Some are looking for guidance on improving communication, developing better understanding, deepening their emotional connection, and setting goals, while others want to find a way to end their relationship. Either way, relationship coaching can help you do it lovingly and healthily.

Relationship coaching will help you to feel connected and fulfilled in your long-distance relationship.

It is not uncommon that sometimes one partner is not ready to do the work or is apprehensive to try relationship coaching. If this is your case and your partner is unwilling to make an effort towards finding a resolution, and you are ready for a change, we can have individual sessions. Here, you will be able to fully express yourself without holding back.

Why Do You Need Long-Distance Relationship Coaching?

It is common to have issues in a long-distance relationship, however, the way you resolve them makes the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one.

Relationship coaching can give you an impartial view from a relationship coach who can bring a fresh perspective and objectivity to your issues. It helps to break the cycle of defensive behaviour and unwillingness to hear each other so that both of you can resolve your issues.

Normally one of the partners is the one seeking help with their relationship. One of the first questions we ask is if their partner is willing to work with them to solve the issue.

Provided both partners are willing to put the time and effort to improve their relationship, long-distance relationship coaching can change a couple’s life for the better.

This allows us to recognise the feelings and needs as well as thoughts and doubts of each person so that we can find the most amicable solution that works for everyone’s needs. 

Through this process, each partner can be heard and understood as well as understand each other’s point of view, which is where couples who disagree find it challenging to find a solution by themselves.

Knowing that you are not alone in your struggles will give you the reassurance and empowerment to create the change.

This change may come in the form of a resolution of your problems or having a short break from your relationship to give you and your partner some space to regain emotional balance and think things through.

Having a fresh perspective will help you recognise what kind of relationship you want for yourself and if this is the one.

How Can Long-Distance Relationship Coaching Help?

Sometimes when we have strong feelings about something, our emotions take over. During these times everyone wants to be heard, and it is very hard to find within ourselves the strength to listen.

Couples usually know what they want but find it difficult to express it in a way that their partner understands. A coach can help you see past the emotional turbulence to realise what really matters.

During long-distance relationship coaching you will:

  • Focus on one area of your relationship that takes priority or explores different aspects of your life
  • Get clarity on your feelings and circumstances
  • Understand your problem(s) and the reason for it to be happening
  • Identify how various aspects of your life fit together and affect each other
  • Set goals for yourself and your relationship
  • Make a plan of action to achieve measurable outcomes
  • Receive ongoing support to make sure you are on track

You will learn to:

  • Understand your core values and beliefs
  • Know the expectations of one another
  • Hear your partner’s feelings and needs and connect with them at a deeper level
  • Recognise the way you are interacting with your partner
  • Express yourselves and hear each other out
  • Understand your patterns of behaviour and identify your underlying unhealthy patterns
  • Manage conflicts and find resolutions to specific issues
  • Create a safe environment to connect and communicate with your partner
  • Identify your personal and relationship goals to create a loving and harmonious relationship
  • Become aware of your communication style
  • Bring clarity and understanding to your relationship with effective communication
  • Get clarity on what you want from your life and your relationship
  • Change habitual patterns (feelings, thoughts, expectations and desires)
  • Feel connected, seen, heard and valued in your relationship
  • Revive passion in your relationship and emotional intimacy
  • Develop relationship-building tools
  • Identify a conflict and deal with it in a loving way
  • Communicate effectively to create a long-lasting relationship
  • Set realistic goals and expectations

What Can You Expect from Long-Distance Relationship Coaching?

It is important to manage the expectations in your relationship from the beginning to make sure we are on the same page and to build a healthy and loving relationship.

You can expect from us:

  • A safe and non-judgmental opinion
  • Guidance on how to change your habitual patterns
  • Learn an effective way to communicate lovingly and compassionately
  • Receive tools to apply to your relationship
  • Relationship building
  • Support to help you achieve your goals
  • Be heard and understood without compromising or sacrificing your own needs, goals and desires
  • Take your relationship from just OK to GREAT
  • Discover how healthy your relationship really is
  • Create a healthy and loving relationship
  • Get your relationship back on track
  • Resolve conflict with your partner

How Long Will It Take to Achieve Your Goals?

Long-distance relationship coaching is a simple and convenient way to get the help you need to navigate your relationship and create a long-lasting, healthy, and loving relationship.

Provided your partner is willing to work with you, a few coaching sessions can give both of you the clarity needed for you to move forward.

However, the time it takes will depend on the issues you want to resolve, your goals, and your expectations. As well as the progress you and your partner make in the process.

Long-distance relationship coaching is tailor-made. So, a coaching program will be made especially for you, your needs and your relationship goals.

To give you an idea, we can do a program like the following one. The number of sessions will depend on how deep you want to dive in.

Stage 1
4 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Identifying your feelings and emotions
  • Getting to know who you are, what you want from life and your relationship
  • Knowing your core values and beliefs
  • Understanding what love means to you
  • Knowing how you love and how you like to be loved
  • Understanding the role the distance plays and how it affects you

Stage 2
6 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Working on the emotions you experience regarding your partner and your relationship
  • Practicing self-love and self-compassion
  • Knowing what traits are important for you in a partner
  • Setting your relationship goals and see how they fit into your life
  • Making a plan where you would focus on your communication, visiting, and moving in together

Stage 3
8 to 14 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Learning to give and receive love
  • Understanding what type of love you need
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Dealing with sadness and loneliness
  • Resolving conflicts in a loving way
  • Learning to communicate lovingly and effectively
  • Making your needs and desires a priority and communicating them to your partner
  • Work together with your partner to accomplish your goals

Stage 4.
This stage will depend on your findings. Some couples may discover that they have deeper problems and need more time to address and resolve them. Other couples may find that they are incompatible and that their values and beliefs don’t align. This will eventually create conflict. Other couples may realise that they are in a long-distance relationship for the wrong reasons or have unrealistic expectations.

How Much Does Open Relationship Coaching Cost?

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Book an introductory session where we will assess your situation to see how we can best help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.
  2. Chose a program to work on specific area of your relationship or book the next one-off session to explore your situation in more detail.
  3. You will be assigned one person who will look after you throughout your journey with us.
  4. Once we identify a particular issue, you will see a more specialised coach for some of your sessions.


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