I am a Certified Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Coach and Hypnotherapist. 

I enjoy creating a safe space where people can talk about sex, fantasies, kinks, fetishes, traumatic experiences, insecurities, and fear without shame and without the feeling of being judged.

In our society, most people grow up with a lack of sex education and sex-positive instruction. For that reason, as a sex and intimacy coach, I teach, guide, motivate, inspire, and listen to help my clients achieve their sexual intimacy and relationship goals.

As a sex and intimacy coach, I offer many pathways so you will be able to reconnect with your erotic energy and identity, individually and in partnership. I have a holistic approach as I monitor my client’s progress while providing feedback that allows my client to thrive, prosper and flourish mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically.

I work with men, women, transgender, gay, bisexual, lesbian, married, single, or dating, and people who are sexually challenged or differently-abled, all from different walks of life regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or age or lifestyle.

If you are experiencing problems with your love and sex life, intimacy issues, dating and relationship problems, or struggling with sexual dissatisfaction, then connecting with me will create positive changes and experiences in your life.

You are invited to a sex-positive, safe environment to express yourself sexually without shame, blame or guilt.

I will guide you on how to have the love and sex life you have always wanted.

You will have me right by your side to encourage and support you throughout your journey to rediscover yourself and to feel happy, content and balanced mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically.

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Warm Regards

Helga Dreiser