Right now families are being separated, those who can are fleeing the country and others are hiding in the basements to survive one night at a time.

As I am originally from Ukraine, as well as being overwhelmingly sad for the lives lost, this issue is also deeply personal, as my own family and friends are now part of this chaos.

You already know the destruction and the loss of innocent lives that is increasingly worsening every day. What may not be obvious is that people are out of work, while the food and money are running out.

The money raised will go directly to people of Ukraine to buy food and drinking water or pay for their way to leave the country.

This is the time where every donation, big or small, will make a direct difference to someone surviving another day and feeding their children.

We will keep you posted on the difference you have made.

Thank you for your help, it is really appreciated!


If you would like to make a crypto donation, please get in touch.