You seem to be doing OK, but some things could be better!

Your long-distance relationship isn’t so bad, but there are aspects that you need to address if you want it to work out. 

It’s great to have a general idea of what you want from your relationship. A more specific plan and a timeline can reassure you that your relationship is headed in the right direction. 

Effective communication can let you know if you and your partner are seeing things the same way. The best way to address doubts and resolve issues is to talk to your partner about it.

Regular visits can help you maintain physical intimacy. Without seeing each other often, you risk growing apart.

Seeing each other once a month can be ok as long as you know that the distance doesn’t last too long and you know when and how you will be moving in together. 

A time difference makes it harder to sync your schedules and biological clocks. So make sure you agree when is the best time for you to talk.

If your partner is tired, approach it with understanding. Avoid guilt-tripping your partner into talking to you regardless of how they feel.

Be understanding with how much you need to talk to each other and make your conversations count. Talk about meaningful things that matter for your future.

Create a plan to close the distance. 

If you are not giving enough attention to your relationship, it may not survive the distance.

It’s healthy to have time and space for your personal development. Just, be careful not to grow apart in the process.

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