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Online dating is a good way to start a romantic relationship. You can meet new people from all over the world. Before you start online dating, you should consider a few things.

Online dating allows you to start new relationships with people across the world. Online dating can be fun and exciting. However, it also has some limitations. One such downside is the fact that you can not fully appreciate the other person until you meet in real life. Online dating can start as something casual and develop into a more serious relationship.

Online dating has become very popular. The idea of meeting somebody who fits your profile attracts many single people. There are many dating services like dating apps and dating websites you can use to find a special someone.

Today, I would like to share with you some things you should consider before you start online dating. First, let’s have a look at what an online dating is and how you can go about it.

What Is Online Dating?

Online dating is the stage between starting a long-distance relationship and getting to know someone more intimately.

Once you learn about online dating and long-distance relationships and decide that it’s for you, it’s time to check out dating sites and apps. Dating sites vary slightly in the way they work, but they share the same principle.

The first thing you do is register your profile, fill in your information, and select your preferences. You will then be matched with people who fit your profile.

Is It Worth Dating Online?

Online dating may be worth it for many people. But your job is to figure out if it’s worth it for you.

There are many reasons why people look online to start a relationship. Some people want to experience being with a person from different cultures, while others might want to live in a different country.

While online dating is possible, you won’t know what the actual person is like until you meet them.

You can learn about the person, their history, and interests. But, until you meet them in real life, you will have to trust that what they’re saying is true.

Advantages of Online Dating

  • You can meet someone who lives in a different country and whom you would not otherwise meet.
  • The option to filter profiles means you can get matches based on things that are important to you.
  • You can talk to many people at the same time to see who you are getting on with better.
  • With online dating, you don’t need to go anywhere and you can chat from your home, while you travel or from wherever you are.
  • If you decide to meet, it’s also an opportunity for you to go and explore different places.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

  • Just because someone fits your criteria, doesn’t mean that they are the right person for you.
  • You have to trust everything they say and assume that they are being completely upfront and honest, which is not always the case.
  • You can spend a lot of time talking to different people just to find out that they are not what they appear to be.
  • Until you meet the person, you won’t know what is like being with them.
  • Meeting someone and being in a long-distance relationship can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • If you find somebody you like and decide to move in together, it will require time and money to do so.

Starting to Date Online

Starting to date online can be thrilling. In a few clicks, you can start talking to the person who lives in a different country, likes your profile and has common interests with you.

Before you get into online dating, you should understand how it works and what it involves.

First, figure out what you want from a relationship. Never forget your personal values and beliefs, so you can find someone whose values and beliefs align with yours.

One of the first things you want to establish when you start long-distance dating is that the person you are speaking with wants the same kind of relationship than you. It can be a long-distance friendship, casual relationship, or a more serious romantic relationship.

Provided both of you are looking for a serious romantic relationship, keep in mind that at some point you will have to move in together.

To learn more about everything you should consider when starting a relationship online, check out this article.

When you start online dating you should also talk about exclusivity. It’s good to know from the very beginning whether you are planning to see other people or try to build an exclusive relationship.

It’s common to speak to different people at the very beginning of your online dating. After you fill in your profile and get matched with others you may find a lot of people that fit your criteria. Your first challenge would be to engage with these people to see if there is potential for starting a long-distance relationship.

As you get talking to different people. You will get an idea for those with whom you click. You will also recognise those that you don’t want to continue talking to.

Do you need help finding the right partner? Check out this guide! It will take you step by step through different aspects of your life, so you can be clearer on who would be the right fit for you.

Can Online Dating Work?

Online dating can work if you approach it in the right way. For example, you need to consider that everything that the person is telling you online may or may not be true. A certain degree of doubt can be healthy on this occasion.

You might be tempted to trust everything the person says if you liked them. But one thing you don’t want is to commit a lot of time to something that you want to be true just to find out that it isn’t after having spent two months trying to make this long-distance relationship work.

Here is an article that covers every aspect of a long-distance relationship to give the best shot at making it work.

Profiles can only tell you so much about the person. Things that may seem important in the beginning are no longer essential.

When you start online dating, don’t filter out someone special just because you think they need to meet certain criteria. 

If you start your relationship based on calculations, expect it to be calculated in the future as well.  This is one of the limitations of online dating.

How to Make Online Dating Work?

To make your online dating work, you should know what you expect from dating, a potential partner and a relationship. When you know what you’re looking for, it will be easier for you to find. Once you get clear in your head on the qualities your long-distance partner should have, you can go through profiles a little bit quicker to find that special someone.

Once you do find the person that picked your interest you should talk to them to see if you click. If you find that they are easy to talk to and your conversation flows quite well, you can focus on more important things that you would value in your relationship.

After some time of getting to know each other, it’s important that you meet as soon as possible to see what it’s really like when you are together.

If you find that your relationship is getting serious, you can make a plan of how often you’d like to visit each other and set an end date for your long-distance relationship for you to move in together. If you are building a romantic long-distance relationship, you should have a timeline and a plan for when you will move in together.

When you are getting to know each other while dating online, you should agree on the means and frequency of communication. If your long-distance relationship is getting serious, talk about things that matter to you, answer some questions together, as a couple.

Here is a step by step guide for online communication.

It’s not enough to make your long-distance relationship work, you should make it fun.

If you are looking for a partner who shares your values and beliefs, take a look at this workbook. It will help you get clear on what you want from a relationship and who is your special someone.

How to Make Online Dating Fun?

To make your online dating fun, you can do things together online. You can play different games online or do quizzes together.

You can also get a couples journal, that works for you step-by-step through topics to discuss and questions to answer. It will help you to get to know each other better in a fun and interesting way.

As a form of online dating, you could watch a movie together, listen to music, read a book to each other, or choose your next place of meeting.

When you are together, there are lots of activities that can help you get to know each other better in a fun way.

How Long Should You Date Online Before Moving in?

While online dating is a good way to meet new people, once you find a special someone, consider how long your long-distance relationship is going to last. If you are starting a romantic long-distance relationship at some point, you will want to explore physical intimacy with that person.

In the early stages, this physical intimacy can be a part of your meetings. But once you decide to start a serious relationship you should consider living together, at least for a few months.

It’s important to have this living together trial to see what your real romantic relationship is like with this person.

Until you actually live together with your romantic partner, it will be impossible to know whether or not the two of you can make it work for real.

What if your online dating isn’t working for you?

If online dating doesn’t work for you, you can find the reason why and try to fix it or you can end your dating and move on.

How to End Long-Distance Dating?

You can start online dating with several people at the same time. With some of them, you will proceed to the next stage of getting to know each other. Then you may choose the person that you would like to be exclusive with.

But at any stage with any person, something may happen and you may decide that is better to end your relationship with them.

One thing that is very important in online dating is always to be as open, honest and authentic as you can. If you can be honest about who you are, what do you like, and what you don’t like, you will be more likely to find the person that’s right for you.

If you meet people that don’t like who you are, it should be clear earlier rather than later. Those who will like you and whose values align with yours will like you for who you truly are.

As long as you’re honest, it will be easier to end online dating that isn’t working for you. There is no need to create excuses.

If you are in a long-distance relationship that is not working for you, here is article on how to end it in a healthy way.


Online dating can be fun and exciting. As long as you’re honest with others, it will be easier for you to find the right person. It’s much better to spend your time on someone who likes you for who you are, as opposed to getting someone to like you under false pretence.

If you find a special someone, you would like to get to know better and visit each other. It will help if you learn more about long-distance relationships and what they involved.

Once you know what a long-distance relationship is and what you can expect from this kind of relationship, you will have a clearer idea if it is right for you.

If you decide that online dating is for you and want to give it a go. Get yourself pen and paper and start writing your expectations for this relationship and how you see it working out with the frequency of your communication, visits and a possibility of moving in together at some point.

So, to make your online dating work, you would need a timeline, set goals, and a plan.

Here are the two guides to help you navigate your long-distance relationship.

How Healthy Is Your Long-Distance Relationship?

If you are having doubts about your long-distance relationship and are not sure if you should try to fix it or let it go, here is our step by step guide to help you and your partner reassess your relationship and make an educated decision that works for both of you.

Relationship Coaching for Long-Distance Couples

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain without knowing exactly what they involve.

However, once you understand what long-distance relationships are, what they are not and how to navigate them, you are a lot more likely to make it work.

We specialise in helping long-distance couples create and maintain a healthy relationship by building intimacy, trust and effective communication.

If you are starting a long-distance relationship or are already in one, send us a message to book an individual coaching session for yourself or a couples coaching session for you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is long-distance dating?

Online long-distance dating is the stage between starting a long-distance relationship and getting to know someone more intimately.

Should I date someone long-distance?

If you come across someone, you like on dating sites or dating apps, as long as you share some common values, beliefs and interests. You can give this long-distance relationship a chance.

How do you start dating long-distance?

To start dating long-distance, you need to register on some of the online dating sites or online dating apps. Once you’re feeling your profile and preferences, most services will match you with other people who fit your criteria.

How do you date in a long-distance relationship?

In a long-distance relationship, you can either have a virtual date or travel to meet each other.

Is long-distance dating bad?

If you approach long-distance dating the right way you can make it work and you can make it fun. But, be mindful that not everything people say is necessarily the way it is.

Can long-distance online dating work?

Online long-distance dating can work for people who want to start a new relationship with someone in a different country, for example.

Does long-distance online dating work?

Online dating works for people who don’t have time to meet someone in real life. With long-distance dating, you can talk to selected people after spending a few minutes registering and creating your profile.

How does long-distance dating work?

Long-distance dating works through dating platforms or social media. You meet several people who fit your preference, and then you narrow them down to a few people that You get on with the best.

How to date in a long-distance relationship?

Dating in a long-distance relationship, you should always be honest with yourself and others. Clearly express your feelings and preferences to people you date. If you do that, the right people will stay in the wrong people will go.

When long-distance dating partners become geographically close?

Long-distance dating partners close the distance after they’ve got a chance to get to know each other and meet a couple of times. When you decide that you get on with each other and would like to have a serious relationship, you can move in together for a couple of months to test it out.

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