How to Plan a Long-Distance Relationship – Workbook


This workbook is a step by step guide to help you and your partner plan your relationship, so you can achieve your personal and relationship goals.

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Fillable PDF / 72 Pages / 71 Questions

This step-by-step guide to help you and your partner plan your relationship. By the end you will have all you need to achieve your personal and relationship goals.

This workbook will help you make a concrete plan to achieve your relationship goals. You will also create a specific timeline to know exactly what will happen and when.

Explore your relationship as you would during a coaching session. You and your partner will reflect on your relationship and find out the areas that need your attention and how you can make it work.

What is a fillable pdf?
A fillable pdf is a pdf document where you can answer the questions and make notes directly on your computer, without having to print it out. Apart from saving trees, this format has a number of benefits when it comes to working on it with your long-distance partner:
• Work with it from your computer.
• Save it to the cloud and make notes on the go, wherever you are.
• Share it with your partner and let them answer the questions in their own time.
• Leave more challenging sections until you see each other.

This workbook is for you if:
– You have been in a long-distance relationship for too long
– You are feeling lost and uncertain of where your relationship is going
– You tired of being apart
– You are losing interest in your relationship
– You still love each other and want to be together, but finding it hard to maintain your LDR
– You are doubting if this relationship can work because of the distance and thinking of giving up

Throughout this workbook you will:
1. Identify your personal goals.
2. Agree your relationship goals with your partner.
3. Assess how much willingness, time and money each of you have to invest into your relationship.
4. Review how often you can visit each other and if this this enough for you and your partner.
5. Agree on the means and frequency of your communication, as well as a way to bring up sensitive topics.
6. Make a plan for your long-distance relationship.
7. Make a timeline and set specific dates for the major events in your LDR, so you can manage your relationship and prepare for the future.
8. Set a specific date to move in together and a clear plan to manage their relationship till then.

Getting Started
1. Make a copy
2. Send it to your partner
3. Fill it in separately
4. Compare your answers
5. Get in touch with us if you need help

Before you begin working with this pdf, download and save it on your computer.
And remember to save it as you make changes.