7 Steps to a Healthy Relationship – A Complete Guide


This workbook is a complete step by step guide to help you make the most of your relationship.

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Get to know yourself
Reflect on your present and past relationships

This workbook is a COMPLETE GUIDE that will take you step by step to help you make the most of your relationship.

Many relationships are known for their struggles. However, they also have many benefits and can work great for those who know how to make the most of them.

Throughout this workbook, you will work with your partner to build understanding, improve communication, increase intimacy, solve any trust issues and bring structure and fun into your relationship.

This complete guide includes all 9 of our relationship workbooks. It is designed to take you through every aspect of your relationship step by step.

Many couples struggle to make their relationship work.

While there are common issues that make your relationship difficult, it comes down to identifying specific problems that keep you away from enjoying your relationship.

This workbook will guide you through all aspects of relationship, so you can hone in on those that need your attention the most.

This guide is for you if:
– You are serious about making your relationship work
– You having doubts and want to find out if this relationship is worth it
– You want to solve the issues in your relationship, but you need some guidance on how to do it in a loving way
– You need to look at several aspects of your relationship
– You feel like giving up because everything you tried isn’t working and you really need a resolution?
– You feel like your relationship isn’t working and you don’t know why?
– You or your partner losing interest in your relationship
– You are having lack of communication, misunderstandings and frequent arguments
– You feel like you are walking on eggshells when bringing up difficult topics to your partner
– You are not seeing each other often enough
– You are feeling frustrated trying to solve your relationship issues, but instead your attempts turn into arguments
– You feel stuck in a relationship that is not going anywhere

Throughout this guide you will:
– Explore your relationship as you would during a coaching session.
– Learn about yourself and your partner to check how compatible you are.
– Identify what’s important for you, your partner and your relationship.
– Set realistic expectations and goals for your relationship, so both of you agree on where your relationship is going.
– Make a clear plan to achieve the goals for your relationship.
– Get a chance to address and resolve your communication issues.
– Be guided to share your feelings, doubts and concerns with your partner.
– Explore your current relationship, assess the problems you have and learn how to fix them.
– Dig deep in every aspect of your relationship and explore each area in great detail.
– Plan and prepare for your visits to make the most out of your time together.
– Be guided to brainstorm different ways to make your relationship fun and exciting.
– Have the tools to create a healthy, happy and successful relationship.

This relationship guide can help you to:
1. Reflect on your personal goals and relationship goals.
2. Realise how the distance has affected you and the relationship.
3. Recognise the problems that are building in your relationship.
4. Have a clear goal and idea of where your relationship is going.
5. Communicate in a healthy a loving way
6. Understand each other better
7. Develop physical and emotional intimacy
8. Make a plan for your future together

How to use this workbook
1. Make a copy
2. Send it to your partner
3. Fill it in separately
4. Compare your answers
5. Get in touch with us if you need help

This is a fillable pdf
• Work with it from your computer
• Share it with your partner
• Work on it together when you see each other

Before you begin working with this pdf, download and save it on your computer.
And remember to save it as you make changes.