Is individual coaching for me?

Individual coaching is for you if you are:
• Thinking of starting a relationship and would like some help choosing the right partner.
• In an unhealthy relationship and your partner is not willing to work with you to address the problems.
• Considering breaking up with your partner but don’t know if you should.

How can individual coaching help me?

Individual coaching can help you focus on yourself, your feelings, needs and preferences. If you are thinking of starting a relationship, you first need to have a healthy relationship with yourself.
Understanding our needs and knowing your values will help you find the right person who will contribute to your life and well-being. An ideal partner will help you achieve your personal and relationship goals.
Knowing yourself is essential to have a healthy relationship. Once you know your preferences, you can set your boundaries. This in turn helps your partner know which areas you are flexible about and which ones are important to you.
An unhealthy relationship can be a lonely experience, particularly if your partner isn’t willing to understand you and your perspective.
Coaching can give you the help and support you need to bring you clarity. You will feel reassured that you are not alone and that every problem has a solution. You will be empowered to make educated decisions about your life, your relationship and your future.
Unresolved problems lead to unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, so it’s always a good idea to address them as soon as possible. We will hear you out, identify the core problem of your issues, help you understand your situation better and make plan going forward.

Is couples coaching for me?

Individual coaching is for you if you want:
• Build trust
• Improve your communication
• Develop a deeper emotional connection
• Set personal and relationship goals
• Create a plan and a timeline to achieve your goals
• Address specific issues (living together, financial arrangements, communication, intimacy, trust, etc.)

How do I book a session?

1. Describe your situations and make a payment. (If privacy is important to you, we are now accepting CRYPTO as an alternative payment method).
2. You will receive an email with a receipt.
3. To arrange a video call, please reply to this email with your available days & times, and also your timezone.
* To make the most of your session, please describe your situation and what you would like to achieve in as much detail as possible.
** Your 1st session includes an extra 30 minutes.

Should I choose online coaching?

Having couples coaching online has many advantages, including:
• Live video sessions are great for getting into the deeper aspects of the issue.
• They work best once we are clear on all the facts.
• Reflect on your situation
• Set some goals
• Check your progress
• Ask any questions as they come
• Work at your own pace

What is couples coaching and how it can help me?

Ideally, you would be able to express your thoughts and feelings to your partner clearly and openly.
You would then hear each other out, objectively reflect on your relationship and find an amicable solution.

But, what if the emotions are running high or your partner doesn’t want to work with you? Here’s where couples coaching can do its magic. You can get an impartial view from a relationship coach who can bring a fresh perspective and objectivity.

Provided your partner is willing to work with you, a few coaching sessions can give both of you the clarity needed for you to move forward. If your partner is unwilling to make an effort towards finding a resolution and you are ready for a change, we can have individual sessions. Here, you will be able to fully express yourself without holding back.

Knowing that you are not alone in your struggles will give you the reassurance and empowerment to create the change. This change may come in the form of a resolution of your problems or you having a short break from your relationship to give you and your partner some space to regain emotional balance and think things through. With a fresh perspective, you will very soon recognise what kind of relationship you want for yourself and if this is the on

What does the usual session look like?

1. We will hear you out
2. We will understand you and your situation
3. We will help you feel the power and see the answers that are inside of you

What is your approach to couples coaching?

Couples coaching is for couples who need some help solving problems in a relationship.
Many relationship problems originate from personal insecurities and bad communication. So, our coaching sessions can either focus on practical things you can change to improve your communication or delve deeper into your past to see how it affects your relationships.

Your past can negatively affect your relationship, so it’s worth addressing it before expecting to have a healthy relationship. Creating a meaningful change can be challenging both emotionally and practically.
That is why we are here for you!
We are here to help you deal with these challenges and navigate your life and relationship with more awareness.
Our approach to couples coaching is focused on the feelings, needs and preferences of you and your partner.
We will guide you through your thinking, feelings, and behaviour and will help you connect your thoughts and feelings with your behaviour.
Through coaching, we take the time to understand you and give you the help you need, which is clear, structured and goals oriented.

What is couples coaching?

Couples coaching is a goal-oriented approach to help you create a healthy relationship. We do it in 3 steps:
1) In our first session, I will hear you out to learn about your situation and your priorities.
2) The second session is with your partner, where they have time to share their view on your relationship.
3) A group session with you and your partner that will help you understand each other and create a meaningful connection.

Why should I choose online coaching?

Online coaching comes with all the convenience at a reduced cost. Relationship advice online is convenient. You can get help when you need it the most: at home, at work or on the go. There is no need for special arrangements, and you don’t have to travel to your appointment. Choose the time that suits you best.

How many sessions do I need?

It takes 2-3 sessions for a couple to understand the underlying causes of their problems. How long it will take to work out these problems will depend on the effort you and your partner will make.

Does online coaching work for a long-distance relationship?

Online coaching is perfect for a long-distance relationship.
• The distance puts extra pressure on your relationship.
• You need help but don’t have an opportunity to see a coach.
• You are already talking to your partner online, so it’s easy to arrange an online conference with both of you, wherever you are.

Relationship coaching payment & fees

Regarding the payment, you can pay directly on the website. I am using stripe payment gateway, which is totally safe and so you just pay with your card, on the coaching page where you found the prices.

Relationship coaching vs counselling

Counselling is usually for people to go and express how they feel and what is in their minds. Coaching helps you understand what’s important for you, what do you want to achieve, and making a clear and actionable plan to get there. 

What is relationship advice?

Relationship advice is a suggestion on how to resolve conflicts in a relationship.

Who is the best person to give relationship advice?

Relationship advice is given by a person who is able to hear out each individual involved in a relationship, objectively assess the situation and give an impartial suggestion that would benefit everyone.

What is the best relationship advice you can give someone?

The best relationship advice is the one that equally benefits every person in a relationship.

What are the benefits of getting relationship advice online?

First of all, relationship advice online is convenient as you can ask your burning questions on the go, before you are face to face with a situation. Without the necessity of having premises, it reduces the cost and becomes more affordable to those who would otherwise see it as a luxury.

Why receive relationship advice over the chat?

Privacy. You can easily be the only one looking at your screen, which allows for a freer expression of what’s on your mind.
Clarity. It tends to be more demanding to express yourself in writing. This makes you think harder in order to formulate your thoughts. On many occasion, this alone is very powerful, as you already have a lot of the answers.

Why do you coach couples online?

I live a nomad lifestyle. When I was 15, I moved to a different country. This move was hard, but it helped me realise that norms, values and beliefs are relative. Over the next 20 years I’ve learnt about human behaviour. Now I am sharing this knowledge with couples who need clarity in their relationship.

How are you different?

My approach is based on the idea that relationship is a union of two individuals. Hence, exploring each person separately is the key to building a strong and healthy relationship.

How much does it cost?

Coaching program – £900 / 9 weeks.

What do you know about relationships?

In my life, just like anyone else, I walked on the clouds, falling in love and cried myself to sleep after being told: ‘I just don’t love you anymore’ & ‘The long distance is not working for me’. Inevitably I had to move on at times as well, which in some ways was even harder. One thing I did, every time, was to reflect on what I can do better next time. Now I have a list.

What motivates you to help couples?

My parents divorced when I was 5, so growing up, I did not spend much time with my dad. As a result, my life had its challenges. Although I can not change the past, I can certainly help other parents and parents to be, make sure that their children get the best of both worlds.

Is online life coaching right for me?

In our first session we can focus on one area of your relationship that takes priority or we can explore different aspects of your life.
If we are a fit, in the following sessions I’ll help you understand your problem and we can make a plan to achieve what you want. We’ll see how various aspects of your life fit together and affect each other. Every so often we’ll have a review session to make sure you are on track.

What’s the first session like?

During our first session we can focus on one area of your relationship that takes priority or we can explore different aspects of your life.

Do you offer ongoing individual sessions?

In the following sessions I’ll help you understand the origin of the problem and we’ll make a plan to achieve what you want. We’ll see how various aspects of your life fit together and affect each other. Every so often we’ll do a review session to make sure we are on track.

Do I have to sign up to a program?

Weekly and monthly plans are for people with whom we have established goals, objectives and the working flow. It is just easier to set up a subscription and focus on solving the problems, rather than spending time managing individual payments.

Are all appointments held via Skype or face to face?

Most of our interaction is online. This is how I have set up my business from the beginning. This supports my nomadic lifestyle and allows me to connect with people across the globe.
That said, if geographical proximity allows, I am very happy to meet people face to face.

What makes you an amazing life coach?

Understanding relationships is my personal passion. I have spent most of my life arriving to the point of knowing enough to be able to help people.
During this time I read numerous books and applying the wisdom to my everyday life and my own relationships.
Diploma in Holistic Therapies and Masters of Chiropractic, together with over 15 years of experience provided me with patient assessment and care skills and protocols that allow me to affectively assess your situation, ask the relevant questions, connect to my knowledge and present it in an organised manner.  Human psyche is fascinating as much as it is complex, but I enjoy disentangling issues that cause misunderstandings and I am very good at it.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I strongly believe that we all have a talent, something that we enjoy and are naturally good at. Understanding situations and getting to the bottom of the issue is something that I both enjoy and am good at.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that it is not a job 🙂 I enjoy understanding and exploring the reasons why we do things in a certain way and make the choice that we do.
For the past 17 years, I have been learning about human behaviour and how our habits and world perceptions create our experience of a situations.
Now I am applying this knowledge to help others.

Why do you help people?

Coming from a family of medical doctors, I grew up in an environment where caring for people was part of everyday life. I wanted to do the same when I grew up but also include a psychological aspect to get a complete picture of a person. I completed a course in Holistic Therapies and was working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship around the Caribbean (loved it). After a few years, I embarked on a Chiropractic course to deepen my knowledge of the human body.