Breakup Coaching

Breakup Coaching

What Is Breakup Coaching?

Breakup coaching can give you support and an outside perspective on your relationship and your whole life when you are going through the life-changing period a breakup brings. You can use the breakup as a pivotal point to change your life and live the way you want it.

Who Can Benefit from Breakup Coaching?

Breakup Coaching is for couples who are going through a breakup or are having doubts about making this choice, and individuals who have a broken heart and are struggling to move forward after a breakup.

Why Do You Need Breakup Coaching?

Breakups can bring a lot of heartache and confusion. They can turn your life upside down and leave you in a place where you struggle to stand back on your feet. And most importantly, in believing that love is just not for you.

Sometimes, some people are just not able to be together. This has to do with personality clashing, the inability to communicate their needs and desires, the lack of connection, wanting different things from life, having opposite goals and contradicting values and beliefs, and the list goes on.

When you are with a person with whom you are not compatible, your life can become unfulfilled and unhappy.

Taking some time to reflect on your personal life and your relationship can help you understand the reasons for the failure of that relationship.

After a broken relationship, you will need some time to assimilate and understand why things didn’t work out with your ex. You will need to take responsibility for your contribution or the lack of it. Not to duel on it, but to learn from it.

How Can Breakup Coaching Help?

Breakup coaching gives you the emotional support and understanding to let go of your past relationship and start living your life the way you want it.

We will explore what happened in your relationship. How did you contribute to it, and how did your ex/partner contribute to it. We won’t blame anyone, but learn to see what happened, so we can modify your behaviours and understand who can be a more compatible partner for the future.

Breakup coaching can help you heal and move on quicker. We will address the pain you are feeling and move forward. You will learn to recognise it and release it. Accept that the relationship came to an end and that it is time to focus on taking care of yourself.

What Can You Expect from Breakup Coaching?

Dealing with a breakup can consume all of your energy and leave you feeling exhausted to do anything. We support you in recognising your pain, but we don’t encourage you to stay there. The only way is to move forward. Breakup coaching encourages you to continue with your life and do everything better next time.

Breakup coaching will help you to:

  • Understand the reasons for your breakup
  • Identify your emotional wounds caused by the breakup and cope with the pain
  • Process your emotions about your ex and your past relationship in a healthy way
  • Have a more positive mindset
  • Start looking after yourself
  • Recovering your self-esteem and self-worth
  • Get a closure so you can start moving forward
  • Rediscover who you are as an individual
  • Open yourself to dating again
  • Recognise if you are repeating destructive patterns again

You will learn:

  • About yourself
  • To recognise what choices are healthy for you
  • The qualities that are important for you in a partner
  • About your negative patterns in relationships
  • To reflect on your behaviour and how it impacts others
  • To let go of the life you imagined with your ex

Breakup coaching will reassure you by knowing the source of your doubts or confirmation that your relationship is over. In the first scenario, it can help you identify and address the issues in your relationship. In the second scenario, you will know that breaking up is the right decision, and it is time to move on.
Your coach will provide you with guidance and an unbias perspective.

How Long Will It Takes to Achieve Your Goals?

The number of sessions will depend on the emotional progress we made and how ready you are to start implementing change. Going through a breakup and moving on afterwards can be a very emotional experience. Sometimes, you may not feel as motivated to make changes, and it’s ok. We will manage the sessions as you need.

As general guidance, if everything goes perfectly well. We could deal with your breakup in around 3 months, but it could take us up to 6 months. The most important thing is not the time but the long-lasting progress you will make.

Stage 1
4 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Identifying the feelings and emotions you are experiencing
  • Getting to know who you are, what you want from life and relationships
  • Knowing your core values and beliefs
  • Understanding what love means to you
  • Knowing how you love and how you like to be loved
  • Valuing what you like and making yourself a priority

Stage 2
6 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Working on the emotions you experience regarding your ex and your past relationship
  • Practicing self-love and self-compassion
  • Defining who your ideal partner is
  • Knowing what traits to look for in a partner
  • Setting your relationship goals and see how they fit into your life
  • Making a plan where you would focus on getting the life you want, including the right partner

Stage 3
8 to 11 sessions of 1.5 h each

  • Learning to give and receive love
  • Understanding what type of love you need
  • Learning your boundaries in relationships
  • Identifying the deal breakers in a partner and a relationship for you
  • Knowing what you can deal with in a relationship and what is out of the question

Stage 4
on-going sessions
Once you complete the 3 stages, there won’t be a set amount of sessions. Then, it will depend on your progress so far. You may find that your life is starting to unroll beautifully, but now and again, you still need a little guidance to keep on track. In these situations, you can book a session to deal with a specific issue before it turns into a problem and as maintenance to keep up with your positive changes.

How Much Does Breakup Coaching Cost?

How Do I Get Started?

An introductory session will cover and answer all your questions.

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