How to Be Intimate in a Long-Distance Relationship – Workbook


This workbook is a step by step guide to help you build maintain physical and emotional intimacy with your long-distance partner.

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Fillable PDF / 83 Pages / 86 Questions

Intimacy in a romantic relationship, has two aspects:
1. Emotional intimacy – built on good communication and understanding.
2. Physical Intimacy – based on frequent visits and quality time together.

A lack of intimacy is common among long-distance couples. Due to the distance, regular visits may not be possible. And, the longer you are apart, the harder it becomes to maintain emotional connection.

Intimacy can make or break your relationship. And, while many LDR couples struggle with a lack of intimacy, you don’t have to!

This step-by-step guide will help you build and maintain physical and emotional intimacy with your long-distance partner. Explore your relationship as you would during a coaching session!

What is a fillable pdf?
A fillable pdf is a pdf document where you can answer the questions and make notes directly on your computer, without having to print it out. Apart from saving trees, this format has a number of benefits when it comes to working on it with your long-distance partner:
• Work with it from your computer.
• Save it to the cloud and make notes on the go, wherever you are.
• Share it with your partner and let them answer the questions in their own time.
• Leave more challenging sections until you see each other.

This workbook is for those who:
– Struggle with the lack of physical intimacy.
– Lack understanding and frequently end up arguing.
– Doubt if this relationship can continue the same way.
– Face intimacy issues but don’t know how to talk about them.
– Look for a way to satisfy your physical and emotional needs.
– Want to develop a deeper connection and a more intimate relationship.
– Want to avoid unnecessary problems.
– Want to make the most of their time together during the visits but don’t know how.
– Tend to avoid important discussions about their relationship.

Throughout this workbook you will:
– Improve your communication.
– Develop an emotional connection.
– Plan your visits.
– Learn to plan your visits and make the most of your time together.
– Explore what physical and emotional intimacy is all about.
– Identify how much physical closeness you and your partner need and what can you do to achieve it.
– Learn to communicate in a way that brings you closer to your partner regardless of the distance.
– Learn to discuss things that matter for you and your relationship.
– Express your feelings, doubts and concerns to your partner.
– Set the frequency of your visits and plan your time together.
– Get some ideas about different activities you can do during your visits that can be fun and productive.

Get Started
1. Make a copy
2. Send it to your partner
3. Fill it in separately
4. Compare your answers
5. Get in touch with us if you need help

Before you begin working with this pdf, download and save it on your computer.
And remember to save it as you make changes.