Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Through gifts, you can show your long-distance partner how you feel about them. You can use a variety of gifts to express your feelings and intentions.

Here are our top 10 gifts for a long-distance relationship that your partner will love:

  • Birthstone heart necklace
  • Wooden hearts with love quotes
  • Heart ring for her and him
  • Favourite song photo frame
  • Personalised chocolate dipped fortune cookies
  • Bond touch bracelets
  • Personalised sound-wave message in an acrylic box
  • Mini cryptex 
  • Wine bottle puzzles 
  • Kissing mugs set

Long-distance relationships can be challenging when you don’t see your romantic partner as often as you would like. Apart from your visits, the only way you can express your feelings to your partner is via phone and video calls or through text messages and handwritten letters.

Sending gifts is a more tangible way to express your feelings to your long-distance partner.

As your long-distance relationship grows and develops, your feelings change. Luckily, there is a wide variety of gifts you can choose from to express precisely how you feel at any given moment in time.

When you’re starting a long-distance relationship, you may opt for something casual and lighthearted. As your relationship becomes more serious, you can choose something more meaningful and significant.

A long-distance relationship gift, don’t have to be expensive unless you want to show your partner that you have a lot of money. What’s more important than a price tag is the thought and meaning you put behind a particular gift. That’s why it’s a great idea to attach a message to your gift or choose something you can personalise.

When your partner is alone and missing you every day, having something physical on the nightstand from you will allow them to feel that you are always with them. To that end, certain inventors have created a touch bracelet that uses the Internet to help you feel connected. Through this bracelet, you can remind your long-distance partner that you’re thinking of them whenever and wherever they are.

Romantic Love Gifts Ideas for a Long-Distance Relationship

Romantic gifts can make your partner feel loved and cared for. You can show that you love them with things that represent something important for you and you want to share it with your partner. Gifts don’t need to cost much; they need to be unique and meaningful for you and your partner.

The right gift can be a reminder of how much you miss, love, care for your partner and get them to think of you. You can do a shared present where both of you have one part of the gift.

Spoons for coffee lovers in a long-distance relationship

You can do a shared present where both of you have one part of the gift so that will bring a smile in both of you when you see it or use it. If you like coffee, this can be a lovely gift for you both.

Romance bamboo card, candles, and journal 

If you are all about romance and think of flowers, candles and hearts, this can be a good option.  

Love message in a capsule

Have you ever wish to send or find a message in a bottle? Well, this is a message in a capsule for your long-distance partner. Write some romantic, fun and special messages and let them enjoy discovering each message. This will give a smile in their face every time they get a message out of the bottle.

Love music box

This is a lovely music box with a message to show your love to your partner. 

Birthstone heart necklace

If you want to give your girlfriend a beautiful gift to mark a date, an anniversary, or something special for her. Thinking of jewellery is usually the safest option, but make it more unique and meaningful with a nice personalised touch such a birthstone.

Wooden hearts with love quotes

Hearts are the old good classic way to show your love to your partner. If you struggle to express how you feel to your long-distance partner or find the right words, these hearts with love quotes can help you send your message across to your long-distance partner.

Heart ring for her and him

With a ring, you can materialise a promise to your long-distance partner.

Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Thoughtful gifts are usually meaningful only for one of you. So thinking of birthday gifts or congratulation gifts need to focus on something your partner likes. 

For example if your partner likes photography this can be a cool gift to give.

Photography enthusiasts glass ball

Photography enthusiasts glass ball

With this gift you can capture stunning photos – the unique refractive properties of the sphere allow you to capture unique panoramic photos that are “the world in a globe”. Everyday scenes come to life in a whole new way through the sphere lens.

Aromatherapy diffuser bracelet

If your partner is into health, well being, or yoga, an aromatherapy bracelet is a cool and innovative gift they are going to love. 

Home grown Bonsai Tree Kit

If your partner likes gardening, they may love this present. As this Bonsai tree grows, your relationship also grows. You can look after it as you look after your beloved.

Calendar charm necklace

Sharing something meaningful is very personal and can be anything that represents something for both of you. To commemorate a special date. It’s more common for men to forget dates, so this gift can be funny and at the same time remind your partner of a special date. 

You could also use this type of gift to give a surprise gift on that date. It could be quite exciting to know something is about to happen on the date marked by this gift.

Personalised Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Personalised gifts are almost like handmade by you. So, if you are not very good at crafts you can use a personalised gift to show your partner how much you know their likes or the meaningful things for both of you. Like your favourite song. 

Favourite song photo frame

You can give this favourite song photo frame gift for Valentine’s day or on your Anniversary. Print on Kodak ENDURA Lustre”E” Paper, 11 x 14 inches.

Personalised sound wave bracelet for men

You can record a message for your long-distance partner with your own voice and send it to be printed. It can be anything you want to say to her or him. It can become  your secret message!

Personalised photo frame Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s cube can be so much fun and challenging. So, if your long-distance partner like puzzles and games, this can be a nice surprise when they finally complete the cube. 

Personalised chocolate dipped fortune cookies

You can be the fortune teller of your long-distance partner. You can write any messages you want to be put into your fortune cookies. They will get baked and dipped into chocolate. These cookies will be a nice surprise for your partner.

Personalised photo phone case

A personalised photo phone case can bring a smile every time your partner uses their phone, so that’s a great lot of smiles everyday, right! 

Personalised  photo throw blanket 

Personalising a blanket with a picture of you both can help you feel closer to them in a cold night when you are at home. 

Gifts to Stay Connected in a Long-Distance Relationship

One of the most difficult parts of having a long-distance partner is not being able to touch them. There are tech gifts that can help you let your partner know that your are missing them and want to touch them. 

Such gifts help you stay connected with your long-distance partner. You can use them to create a bond of communication and appreciation. Effective communication and connection allow you to share how you feel and what is important for you in your relationship. You can also express your feelings and maintain a connection through gifts, which you can easily send to your partner. 

Bond touch bracelets

Use a bond bracelet to let your long-distance partner know you are thinking of them. The idea is that when you are missing them and want to touch them you touch the bracelet, hence letting them know that you would like to be close to them.

I love you journal 

If you find it difficult to express your feelings, try this ‘I love you’ journal to get you started. This can help you recognise how you feel about your long-distance partner. This will be a good bonding and connecting gift.

Bluetooth beanie hat with headphones

This tech gift is more about keeping you literally connected anywhere, particularly in the colder months. You have probably experienced how cold your hands get while you are talking on your phone outdoors. Well, this may just solve this problem and help you keep connection with your partner.

Light Ring for your phone of laptop

You will probably experience some light problems while talking to your long-distance partner in the night or in a dark room. This light ring can be the solution. You can clip it into your phone or your laptop.

Sweet and Cute Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Sweet and cute gifts can help you show your feelings towards your partner. They evoke sensitivity and love. These gifts are not about the price tag or the size. Cute gifts touch your heart and make you smile. They send a little message saying I love you. 

Enjoy these literally sweet gifts with your partner.

Fondue pot and chocolate fountain for indoor camping

A gift you can enjoy together or separate. You can create a romantic camping atmosphere indoors or outdoors anywhere you are. This is the perfect gift also for chocolate lovers.

Kissing mugs set

Let these mugs have a history of your days apart, your moments together online. They may even become a lovely reminder of what you went through during your long-distance relationship and the success once you finally move in together.

Key to my heart

This is literally that! A key with a message. Cute and simple. 

Wooden heart elephants

These wooden elephants are super adorable. They can make you smile just by looking at them. They can make a lovely gift just to bring some romance to your relationship. 

Love drinking glasses for his and her

These glasses are a fun and cute way to remind you of your long-distance partner every time you have a drink. 

Pillow cases for his and her 

Let your long-distance partner be the last thought you have before you go to sleep with these pillowcases. You can share one pillowcase with your partner and keep one for yourself. This gift can become complete when you move in together.

Cool and Unique Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

When you want to show your long-distance partner how unique and special they are, these gifts will do the job.

Hand made Bamboo card 

If you and your long-distance partner are romantic and like wood, a simple card can show your partner you gave some thought choosing their card.

Dual time zone watch

This watch is perfect for long-distance relationships if you and your partner are in different time zones. If you and your long-distance struggle to remember each other’s time, a dual time zone watch can be the perfect solution for you.

Personalised sound-wave message in an acrylic box

When it comes to choosing unique gifts you have to go all the way to make them like nothing you may heard of or seen before. Imagine recording your voice as a sound-wave and getting it boxed in resin and give it to your partner to show them and remind them every time they see it of how much you love them. Well you can record your message with your own voice and get the sound-wave encase in an acrylic box.

Mini cryptex 

This creative gift is perfect for people that love deciphering puzzles, or like some mystery . Perfect for Da Vinci code fans. 

Fun and Funny Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

These fun gifts will lighten up your long-distance relationship.

Bamboo bathtub tray

A bathtub tray can bring lots of fun to your partner while they are having a bath and you may even be able to join their party online. This tray has a holder that you can use for your phone or tablet. You partner may just need to get extra gadget insurance in case they drop the phone or tablet in the water.

Wine bottle puzzles 

If you think of fun and activity gifts to send to your long-distance partner, this wine bottle puzzle can certainly make an impression and bring lots of fun to them and you. You can have a video call when they are opening their present while they enjoy the challenge.

Naughty scented candle

Have some fun when you send gifts to your partner. Use funny cards,  candles, or anything you can think of to spice up your relationship. This candle can bring a cheeky smile to your long-distance partner.

Funny coffee mug

Take communication to a lighthearted note with this mug.

Naughty funny card

Let your long-distance partner know how much you like them and miss their body with a funny card.

Funny I miss you mug 

Take communication to a lighthearted note with this mug. Let your partner know you miss them with a funny message in a mug.

Simple, Small and Random Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

Simple gifts can be perfect for when you are starting a long-distance relationship. Simple gifts can give the message that you are thinking of them while still not being too romantically involved. 

Keyring with a message

A small gift to give your partner as they are departing to go back home and show them you will be thinking of them.

Scented candles set

Small gifts can be given at any time just to show your partner you are thinking of them. Like this pretty candle set. 

Engraved I love you Tagua nut

A literally small gift is this one that carries a simple “I love you” message in an unusual way, which makes it special. 

A spa basket 

A spa basket can have a collection of items your partner like and with it you can show your partner you care for them and you want them to feel happy and relax. 

Travelling neck scarf support

This scarf can keep you warm and give support to your neck during your travelling to see your long-distance partner.

‘I Would be Lost Without You’ Compass 

  • “I would be lost without you” Brass Compass with Leather Case
  • Quote engraved face of the fully functional compass with a handmade leather carry case.
  • An awe-inspiring and unique romantic gift.

‘I’d be lost without you’ make up mirror for her

This is a small and lovely gift your long-distance girlfriend can use and carry around everywhere in her handbag.

Survival kit for him

If your partner is an enthusiast of camping and survival gear, this may be the perfect gift. They can use it whenever you go camping!

Whiskey gift set

This super cool gift is a must-have for whiskey lovers. You can enjoy it when you are together.

Bamboo cheese board set

For cheese lovers, a complete set of cheese serving platter would be a great gift.

Cocktail maker gift set

This is the ultimate gift for cocktail lovers. Whether it’s you, your partner or both of you who loves cocktails. Your partner can learn how to make your favourite cocktails and have lots of fun when you are together.


Choosing a gift doesn’t have to be complicated. There are lots of different options to choose from. 

It will help if you consider the things your long-distance partner likes: the message you want to send across and the budget you have to make it happen. 

The price tag isn’t the most important thing when you send a gift to your partner. They will have a big smile and feel happy and grateful to receive a gift. 

Gifts aren’t essential in a long-distance relationship. Still, as you cannot be physically present with the person you love, it helps if you send them reminders in some way or form that you are thinking of them and that they are important to you.

How Healthy Is Your Long-Distance Relationship?

If you are having doubts about your long-distance relationship and are not sure if you should try to fix it or let it go, here is our step by step guide to help you and your partner reassess your relationship and make an educated decision that works for both of you.

Relationship Coaching for Long-Distance Couples

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain without knowing exactly what they involve.

However, once you understand what long-distance relationships are, what they are not and how to navigate them, you are a lot more likely to make it work.

We specialise in helping long-distance couples create and maintain a healthy relationship by building intimacy, trust and effective communication.

If you are starting a long-distance relationship or are already in one, send us a message to book an individual coaching session for yourself or a couples coaching session for you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I send my long-distance partner?

The kind of gift you send your long-distance partner depends on the stage of your relationship and the feelings you want to express. If you are getting to know each other, you could send them a book, a journal or a card game that will help you learn new things about each other. Suppose you have common interests and want to explore each other’s personalities. In that case, you can play some games together or go on a real-life adventure.

How do I surprise my long-distance partner?

A cool way to surprise your long-distance partner is by sending them a puzzle. When solved, it contains a surprise trip inventory with tickets and more adventurous puzzles along the way.

What is the romantic gift for a partner?

A perfect romantic gift will trigger your partner’s sentiment. It’s something that means a lot for them and perhaps something that they associate with you. Try to find something special and unique. Avoid cheap, typical and average gifts, because that’s the message you’ll be sending.

What do you put in a care package for a long-distance partner?

When you know your partner’s situation, you know what they need. One of the best things you can do is to fill up the care package with something that you know will benefit your partner a great deal. But the trick is to include things that you know your partner needs without them telling you what it is. It will show them that you listen to what they say and care about them.

What is the best gift for a long-distance relationship?

The best gift for a long-distance relationship can express your feeling for your partner without words.

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