How to Have a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Are Long-Distance Relationships Successful?

It’s not difficult to have a successful long-distance relationship if you are with the right person for the right reason.

It may not be difficult, but you still need to learn how to have a successful long-distance relationship. Here is what you need:

  1. Develop a clear, open and honest communication.
  2. Build trust.
  3. Develop understanding.
  4. Consider how long your long-distance relationship will last.
  5. Plan how often you can visit each other and when would you move in together.
  6. Agree with your partner on how long your long-distance relationship will last.
  7. Set a date for when you can move in together.
  8. Make a plan and a timeline for how you will achieve your long-distance relationship goals.

But, before you go any further define what success in your long-distance relationship means for each of you. Only then, you will know if you are aiming for the same things and work together to get there. Here, we’ll explore how you can get a successful long-distance relationship.

Can You Have a Successful Long-Distance Relationship?

You can have a successful long-distance relationship if you understand what a long-distance relationship is, what it isn’t, and what it involves.

A long-distance relationship is a romantic relationship where a couple is separated by geographical distance. A romantic relationship implies having physical intimacy. When you are in a long-distance relationship, you don’t get as much physical closeness as you would in a regular one.

That’s why long-distance relationships aren’t meant to last a long time. They can work for a short while, but if they last too long, they can strain your relationship.

For some couples, having a successful long-distance relationship means being able to maintain an emotional connection for the time they are apart. Emotional connection can be maintained with your long-distance partner through effective communication and regular visits.

How Do You Have a Successful Long-Distance Relationship?

The first thing to do to have a successful relationship is to define what it means for each of you and agree with your partner on what would make it successful.

Some long-distance couples define success as being able to get through the long-distance relationship no matter how they feel.

A long-distance relationship isn’t a marathon. You don’t get a prize at the end. It’s a process that you should enjoy and have fun with.

Sometimes things come up, but you can fix them if you have good communication and understanding. To have an understanding you should be able to freely express your thoughts and feelings and welcome such expression from your long-distance partner.

Once you define what a successful long-distance relationship means to you and your partner, you can make a plan and set a timeline towards the goals that you set together for your relationship.

You may decide that your long-distance relationship will be successful if you will stay together when you reunite.

But staying together for the sake of it doesn’t make sense. Your relationship should be happy, fun and exciting. And the way to make it so is through understanding and clear communication.

A successful long-distance relationship is the one that contributes to your happiness and the happiness of your long-distance partner. You can set certain goals in your long-distance relationship and aim towards them. But the process of getting to these goals need to be filled with joy and fulfilment.

When you’re in a long-distance relationship with your partner, you should agree on how often and when you talk to each other. If you don’t set boundaries on when and how you communicate, you risk excessive communication, which can give rise to some issues.

Here’s an awesome workbook to help you out with your communication.

How Does a Successful Long-Distance Relationship Work?

A successful long-distance relationship shouldn’t be too much work. Sure, there are times when you may face some issues and you’ll need to find a way to fix them.

But, if you have a healthy relationship with good communication, finding solutions to problems should be easier. Long-distance relationships become hard work when couples are confused about their thoughts and emotions, and their relationship doesn’t have a direction.

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you are on your own with your doubts. You have a lot of time to spend by yourself. You can choose to spend this time doing something you like or being stressed about things you can’t control like being physically close to your long-distance partner.

A successful long-distance relationship works when partners can trust each other without having to check upon each other all the time. For your long-distance relationship to work, you and your partner need to spend a great deal of your time doing the things that you like.

If you can make your own lives fun and exciting, you will have a lot of cool things to share. Doing so will help you avoid boring conversations that can usually leave you to feel negative about your life and your relationship.

Check out this workbook to learn how to make your long-distance relationship work.

The Secret of a Successful Long-Distance Relationship 

The secret to a successful long-distance relationship is knowing what you and your long-distance partner would like to achieve in your long-distance relationship.

It’s important to have goals, a plan and a timeline for your long-distance relationship, so you can navigate it and make sure you and your partner are happy with where it is going. If you need any help with setting goals and making a plan, check out these workbooks.

It is equally important to make sure that while you are in a long-distance relationship, you’re having fun.

A long-distance relationship is an opportunity for you to have a romantic relationship, and have a lot of time for your own life. When people live together, their relationship tends to take over their personal lives. 

In a long-distance relationship, you have plenty of time to do what you like. You can spend time with your family friends or on your own doing things you enjoy.

Key to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship 

The key to a successful long-distance relationship is open, clear, and effective communication. Good current communication will help you understand each other and will make it easy for you to solve the problems as they come up.

In this article we cover all common problems in a long-distance relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, when you don’t see your partner, it’s very easy to have confusion and misunderstanding. Usually, it’s easier to misunderstand each other when you talk over the phone or via text messages.

To have effective communication means openly sharing your feelings, thoughts, doubts, and ideas.

If for some reason you feel reserved about sharing something, ask yourself the reason for not sharing it. This can be a sign that your relationship may be unhealthy. If you notice this, you should talk to your partner, even if it may feel uncomfortable to do so in the beginning.

Signs of a Successful Long-Distance Relationship 

  • You feel happy and fulfilled in your long-distance relationship.
  • You and your partner know your personal and relationship goals.
  • You can find solutions that work for both of you whenever you face an issue.
  • You agree on how often you communicate and how often you visit each other while in a long-distance relationship.
  • You have a realistic plan for moving in together, having the means to do so.

Rules for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship 

  • Don’t stay in a long-distance relationship if you don’t have a plan to get together.
  • If you are feeling stressed more often than not in your long-distance relationship, then re-evaluate it.
  • If talking to your partner causes you more distress and confusion, you both need to work on your communication skills and understanding.
  • Always be honest with each other, no matter what.
  • Always express your feelings, thoughts and doubts to each other as soon as they come to your mind.

Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship 

  • Understand what a long-distance relationship is and what it isn’t.
  • Agree with your long-distance partner on what it means for your long-distance relationship to be successful.
  • Try to talk about positive things and avoid negative thoughts.
  • If something bothers you, talk to your long-distance partner about it as soon as you can.
  • Use text messaging for short quick text.
  • Use video calls to discuss more important and more personal issues.


The success of a long-distance relationship usually depends on what do you want to achieve at the end of it. If you aim to live together after the long-distance relationship ends, then that can be one of your objectives.

Many long-distance relationships fail along the way because couples don’t know how to manage them properly. If all you have is an objective, then you may neglect the quality of your relationship.

Long-distance relationships can be hard to manage if you don’t understand how they work, their benefits, and limitations. Contrary to popular belief, long-distance relationships aren’t meant to be hard or difficult. They can become hard work if you expect them to replace a regular romantic relationship.

But if you know how to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship and to manage your emotions, time, and communication, your long-distance relationship can be fun and exciting.

How Healthy Is Your Long-Distance Relationship?

If you are having doubts about your long-distance relationship and are not sure if you should try to fix it or let it go, here is our step by step guide to help you and your partner reassess your relationship and make an educated decision that works for both of you.

Relationship Coaching for Long-Distance Couples

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain without knowing exactly what they involve.

However, once you understand what long-distance relationships are, what they are not and how to navigate them, you are a lot more likely to make it work.

We specialise in helping long-distance couples create and maintain a healthy relationship by building intimacy, trust and effective communication.

If you are starting a long-distance relationship or are already in one, send us a message to book an individual coaching session for yourself or a couples coaching session for you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a long-distance relationship be successful?

A long-distance relationship can be successful if you know why you’re in a long-distance relationship and how long it will last.

Can I have a successful long-distance relationship?

You can have a successful long-distance relationship if you have good communication and understanding with your long-distance partner.

How to start a successful long-distance relationship?

To start a successful long-distance relationship online with someone you’ve never met can be a lot of fun. But it also has its challenges, so keep an open mind about the person with whom you are starting a long-distance relationship.

How to build a successful long-distance relationship?

To build a successful long-distance relationship, you need to have good communication with your long-distance partner. Good communication means you feel free to express yourself without the fear of being judged, and allowing your long-distance partner to express everything that comes to their mind.

How to be in a successful long-distance relationship?

To be a successful long-distance relationship, you need to enjoy it. You also need to agree with your long-distance partner on how much and how often you will communicate with each other and visit each other.

How to have a successful long-distance relationship in college?

Having a successful long-distance relationship in college means keeping on top of your feelings. Before going to college, you may want to stay together, but your feelings may change once you are there. The best thing you can do is to share your feelings with your long-distance partner so that you can be open and honest with each other.

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